A London Sketch

I’m a pretty lazy blogger, especially as a travel blogger – I’m sure you’ve probably picked that up by now.

I use my Instagram as my chief option to ‘blog’, or be a ‘creative influencer’, mainly because there’s so much to do in a day and little time to do it. But I’m pulling myself up on this, as I realise I have so many photos of beautiful places I’ve experienced, and I’ve hardly shared any of them with you.

London is first on my agenda. I took a trip there mid-last year, and had a fantastic time exploring the centre of the city by foot. I would walk as far as my poor sore feet would carry me and then catch an Uber for the rest of any journey, when I couldn’t manage. My days were spent exploring on my own and my evenings with my wonderful cousins, who are the ‘locals’.

So sit back and scroll through this photo heavy sketch of my adventures there.

P1090094 copy

I stayed just behind Tate Modern, and across Thames River from St Paul’s Cathedral. It was the first view I met each morning, as I set out on my adventures.

P1090092 copy

P1090158 copy

I passed Buckingham Palace honestly too many times to count.

P1090153 copy

P1090160 copy

P1090137 copy

Nearby, St James’ Park has to be one of my favourite parks in the city.

P1090124 copy

P1090127 copy

And cheeky inquisitive squirrels flood the place.

P1090149 copy

P1090133 copy

P1090162 copy

P1090137 copy

In the distance, the Horse Guards Parade and London Eye are beautifully framed by the lake and trees about.

P1090140 copy

P1090121 copy



Out into the streets, you’ll inevitably find yourself in the district of Westminster.

P1090176 copy

The abbey is there, standing erect and magnified.

P1090178 copy

The detail of any achetypal church always has me in awe.

P1090193 copy

Big Ben was covered in scaffolding, but there were other pretty sights to see behind the abbey nonetheless.

53397863_628633440922861_4667914222733099008_n copy 2

53841429_2298021183746048_4904961928884912128_n copy

53607140_1982358232072412_1846124909739114496_n copy

Just by Trafalgar Square, I visited St Martin-in-the-Fields.

P1090118 copy

A pretty bright white church, with a great reputation for regular music performances.


A rehearsal was taking place, adding a wonderful element to my visit there.

P1090116 copy

53528476_348311582560722_2071896054701228032_n copy

In the setting light, the grey Thames came to life later in the evening, with pretty pastel hues covering the sky.

54278184_772054189841476_4723610581238546432_n copy

That was the time to kick back, relax and have a glass.

There was a day spent in the depths of some of the world’s most famous museums.

53510725_261819844755106_7918481274916831232_n copy

The architecture of the Natural History Museum is a sight to see, while the British Museum  and the Victoria and Albert Museum left me in awe of their exhibitions.

53796637_302990617075720_1284098936927158272_n copy

Another day saw me through the famous Carnaby Street and very pretty Covent Garden.

53419654_1992757464364870_7818415142579732480_n copy

53400582_312317916137672_6851697985131118592_n copy



There were trips through all the gorgeous department stores of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, tea at Liberty’s and Harvey Nichols, where a cocktail is certainly to be had.

53327531_402256840559092_7618053217414283264_n copy

53496280_372710533568024_581683007333597184_n copy

And if you know me, I couldn’t go to London and not attend the Opera!

53408343_382219052358774_5961331288777424896_n copy

Hyde Park, was beautiful respite from the busyness of the city.

53466089_1177430565772942_8205466810632372224_n copy

53473696_2041746135879758_8265549374424088576_n copy

P1090148 copy

Topped with the gorgeous gardens of Kensington Palace at the end.

53782628_967831806739723_6176922747067695104_n copy51286801_389778941587231_3908273450262724608_n(1).jpg

And at the other end, the Prince Albert Memorial.

53419753_330889907536930_1182619794709413888_n copy

53510704_2763448000339723_9004275146516594688_n copy

My walking adventures of London took me through Southwark, Westminster, Mayfair Knightsbridge, Marylebone and who knows where else.

I drank coffees, ate cake, soaked in the architetcure, people watched and took photos until my heart was content.

P1090108 copy


54353957_1961330887327027_7799026814097031168_n copy




And the place left me wanting more.


Until next time London!


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