Denmark Adventures

What’s better than long country drives, blue beaches for miles, irresistible views, and lazy days reading books by the sea?

To be honest, not much…. except doing it with a great friend!

51243202_2296933790550872_1035271363843063808_n copy 2

And that’s exactly what I did.

Last week, Arianne and I were determined to soak in the last few days of our summer holidays. We bundled ourselves up into the car one afternoon, coffee cups at hand, beach umbrella in the boot and a couple of Akubra hats lying in the back seat, and hit the road for a 5 hour road trip down to the glorious south west of the country. We talked for a couple of hours, blasted music for the rest of it, and broke the drive by a few service station stops, where we bought really bad coffee. It was fantastic!

We arrived in Denmark well after dark, greedily ate some soup, before tucking ourselves into bed rather early.

In the morning we met this incredible view and, with coffee in had, soaked up the outdoors right from our deck.

50995003_2618332391527148_829958475256692736_n copy 2

50990956_302391307131406_5922553515120525312_n copy 2

The sun shone beautifully through the canopy of trees, birds were singing and flying about the place, and the air was crisp and cool, just making you want to wrap your hands around your coffee mug that bit tighter.

51047935_2029888110420387_725748163335421952_n copy 2

Ready for a day of adventure, we made our way to the Bibbulman Track, just off Lights Road (find it here), where we parked our car and went for a leisurely hike uphill to see the views from Monkey Rock.

51153447_397980514300409_8964706823999324160_n copy 2

51367653_518794761942731_5302458845732274176_n(1) copy 2

At the top, we held onto a rope and pulled ourselves up and then climbed some more to the top.


From there the views were amazing.

51263743_324864031482664_6636007033923436544_n copy 2

You can see for kilometres, across William Bay National Park, Green’s Pool and the wider coast line. Truly beautiful!

50956229_299158410638594_7609999818726834176_n copy 2

50936339_2158465667548497_4014415389365633024_n copy(NB: It’s under a kilometre walk from the car park to Monkey Rock, so very accessible to everyone. The hardest part is the rope climb, which I’d avoid on a rainy day, as I’m sure  the rock would be quite slippery. You must climb the rock to see the views though, it’s not worth it otherwise, so just keep that in mind.)

Back at the car, we headed west along the south coast, our hearts set on forests.

51007913_390228285115465_5754307981005029376_n copy 2

And making friends with the locals along the way.

51172502_300546407316714_4097920200823799808_n copy 2

We arrived at the Valley of the Giants – famous for the ancient forest of tingle trees.

50934437_351656968770014_8519196742627885056_n copy 2

Grabbing some coffees to go, we followed the famous suspended walk among the canopy.

51210483_358644401394136_5443498321828118528_n copy

Up and up you go – certainly not recommended for those scared of heights. At the highest point, you are 40 metres above the ground.

51555065_1077945469056010_8830751471256469504_n copy 2

You really don’t want to drop your coffee cup down there, that’s for sure.



Down from the treetops, there’s a walk through the tingle forest. There you see how large some tree trunks truly are. We swear we found Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas there, believe me.

51563368_796609280687241_1418948012234768384_n copy 2

After this beautiful forest, the sea was calling. We had a list of beaches on our ‘to-do’ list while down south, and Peaceful Bay was not far away

We bought a big tub of hot chips and set ourselves on the sand, for a seriously good view.

Let me just say, Peaceful Bay doesn’t get it’s name for no reason.

51298882_292629148094672_1885666062293270528_n copy 2

We ate our chips, with the seagulls begging us for a taste, and then went for a walk.

51214152_226340144987997_4234074714261159936_n copy 2


The water was cold, but gloriously aqua blue – my favourite colour.

51161300_372252700255211_5135600422844628992_n(1) copy 2

Ari soon jumped in for a swim, and after a long while of coaxing, I followed suit.

51039972_554597045043953_8702641757982031872_n copy 2

51489516_241127490166675_4428510662594920448_n copy

Soaking wet and with no towels, we were so lucky we had a change of clothes in the car.

On the 30 minute drive back to Denmark, we stopped by a delightful pottery studio, where Ari bought a lovely hand-made souvenir for herself. Then we naturally needed more food, so ‘ducked’ into Ducketts Mill Winery. It’s not just a winery though, but an amazing cheese farmhouse, which I’ve been a fan of for years.

We ordered up the platter for two, and like usual it didn’t disappoint.

50981247_649750038775444_7109001667583934464_n copy 2

Bursting with cheese, cold cuts, fruit, olives, chutney, pate, gluten free crackers (on request), and more cheese, we were more than thoroughly full by the end of it. It’s a platter that’s very good value for money, compared to others around, but which also doesn’t compromise on quality either. You have to try it!

We spent the rest of the day back at the house on the ‘marinating’ deck, drinking bubbly, reading and soaking in the last golden light from between the trees.

Day 2 started with coffee from the cute Ravens Coffee, a lovely red brick building on the main street in town. We decided to nab a spot in the morning sun, and turned a few pages of our books.

51654233_235840743990591_3364595990056140800_n copy 2

After a little walk around town, it was time to hit the beach.

Today’s sandy destination was Cosy Corner – halfway between Denmark and Albany to the east.

51032938_2240717439536322_5696430165660270592_n copy 2

A beautiful part of the coast, once again almost left all to ourselves, and dotted with rocks  and an island off the edge of the bay.

We set up our umbrella and towels, Ari pulled out her book, and we were left to soak in the sun, the view and the cool breeze all to ourselves.

51199768_619129621859801_6619557979194654720_n copy 2

Akurba – Coober Pedy in Santone

51079019_603729146744566_3737044352690552832_n copy 2

I took a walk along the coast and grabbed a few photos, passing just a handful of people as I went.

51056118_287712898587654_1332521841331273728_n copy 2

51547872_281154232563260_1411020529103536128_n copy 2

51033673_245423316388693_4133785801970417664_n copy 2

Back with Ari, I ate our packed picnic of juicy peaches and gluten free muesli bars (gourmet, I know!), before it was time to brace ourselves and plunge into the eternally cold Southern Ocean.


We waded out to the small rock island nearby, crested with an uncountable amount of gulls. There, we very ungraciously climbed up and found a rock pool, where the water was warmed by the sun and felt as toasty as a spa. I sat in it like an oversized child in a bath tub, while Ari looked on, eyebrows raised and questioning why she was friends with me.

It was lovely seeing the coast from further out, and to conquer places it feels not many had. I’m sure thousands upon thousands have, but the little population we saw, made it seem we were a special few. That’s the beauty of the great south land, and really Australia in general. There’s so much to see and yet it’s left spread out far and wide, for those who are keen to find it.


We headed back to Denmark for a wander through the shops, before buying some more bubbly and cheese, and heading home to the marinating deck.

As sunset approached, we wanted to see it from one of the most iconic beaches of the South West – Green’s Pool. We had some beautiful quiet time to ourselves, climbing rocks, and enjoying a brilliant golden sun, dropping in the sky. The setting light highlighted the copious amounts of sea-spray, bored up by the wind and taken from the turbulent ocean water below.

51218467_2129292810487223_1535347531536400384_n copy 2

We finished off with a giant pub meal from the Denmark Tavern, before we were home to books and bed, keen for another adventure in the morning.

Day 3 saw us hitting Green’s Pool again – nice and early to beat the crowds.

50948225_237430167135430_8135612006536314880_n copy 2

Truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the rocks off shore break any choppy seas out further, leaving the little inlet constantly peaceful and perfectly clear.

51223923_232799900993204_4863939205887164416_n copy 2

51132433_346241432883415_9064306200765530112_n copy 2

We grabbed our snorkels and jumped in.

51351637_240929870168289_5699684105898164224_n copy 2

(Very attractive, I know.)

While there isn’t much to spot underwater, it’s spectacular to see the depths you swim in and just how clear the water is. You meet fish on your travels, and see the rocks down below, which always helps to climb unto them.

I can’t say we ever quite warmed up in the water, so once we had explored the deep blue, we walked along the sand.

51130346_812403699111308_6955206130029035520_n copy 2

51003327_357491115089543_8445562517635203072_n copy 2

50958925_477657022763838_574404656969547776_n copy 2

51371447_2182362018681058_7357182551737237504_n copy 2

Now, just a short walk away, you’ll find Elephant Rocks, yet another glorious beach spot.

51054647_2138400856183185_9113454559505678336_n copy 2

Arianne’s Akubra – Byron Bay

Elephant Rocks is known for it’s bulbous rock formation coming out of the water. Clear and even deeper water than Green’s Pool, it turned out to be a great place to snorkel.

If you take the low path, you have a wonderful entrance into the little cove, where you’ll lift your towel and get your feet wet.

51133959_2019118488124353_5689105708822298624_n copy 2

51325151_814007132267927_8077517067709841408_n copy 2

We jumped in the water, snorkeling around the rocks, before warming up in the sun like the geckos we are.

50929471_624067921365229_181775123479527424_n copy 2

Sadly we had to leave – a drive ahead of us and a lunch date with our friend Anna at noon. Blasting some music, windows down and with salty wet hair, we hit the road to Albany.

50997989_833569910307868_1586432203267506176_n copy 2

51253932_287718221845746_4840559194929102848_n copy 2

Albany is a lovely old laid-back town, and is the oldest settlement in Western Australia.

51010716_2345051245783453_7593225175412244480_n copy 2

The place is very neat and you can tell they are proud of their heritage, spotting the colonial buildings everywhere.

51338573_319185502278459_5258445923553378304_n copy 2

51099647_2613434808671922_6159685849307938816_n copy 2

In the afternoon, we had a look around the beautiful replica ship of the Amity – the real one being wrecked off the coast of Tasmania in 1845.

51441792_333604793914468_6941750525771644928_n copy 2

51294646_335479340389867_7799030494884003840_n copy 2

50951873_2911653852454997_1253909336925667328_n copy 2

51140290_780530612307860_30594443618811904_n copy 2

Sadly it was closed for restoration work, so we looked around the outside instead.

51082921_2154023151577788_2702892240144957440_n copy 2

As much as we wanted to stay in town for dinner, Ari and I thought we should leave before dark to spot kangaroos on the road to Denmark better. 

On the way home, we were blessed with a sunset crowning the long road and finishing off our last evening in Denmark beautifully.

51105746_2054099454711622_6371024529765957632_n copy 2

Sadly we said goodbye to Denmark the next morning. We popped into Margaret River for lunch on the way home and were back in Perth by the late afternoon. We had an incredible time down south and made some beautiful memories I will cherish for a long while yet.

So grab yourself a friend who loves a good adventure, pack the car, hit the road and live a little!

51112691_997310810392575_9081523676683173888_n copy 2




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