Noosa Getaway

Queensland is becoming a yearly trip for me, visiting family in Brisbane, and spending time with siblings, nephews, uncles, aunts and my grandparents. This time was a little more special though, as bundling into the back seat of my parents’ car, I headed up to Noosa, as a little getaway, to visit friends, soak in the sunshine, drink a glass or two and enjoy the beautiful town and amazing views.

50679378_334755077130664_3414850865515724800_n copy

50644818_2799869310151695_6435220362262216704_n copy

50690179_2255160567848485_7611327062405545984_n copy50058621_314658002497983_8092372522068082688_n copy

(NB: We stayed at our friends’ beautiful private residence, however they are running a lovely AirBnB in town. Find it here.)

We lazed over delicious breakfasts, floated in the pool and sat on the deck once the sun had gone down.

Once out the door, I found walking through Noosa a wonderful experience. The town is definitely one of Queensland’s getaway destinations. Just walking down the main street gives a great cosmopolitan holiday vibe, and once I meandered off the path I stumbled across this glorious sight.

51087956_622691668160086_8929203288595759104_n copyRight there was Main Beach – one of Australia’s favourite sandy shores.

51039837_358944591592943_5083782316728254464_n copy

The beach is lined with vacation apartments, palms and this buzzing boardwalk.

50565263_2243799702533013_3278929714831425536_n copy

50706024_365925774197735_1373412519854473216_n copyFollowing the beach up to Park Road, we walked past Little Cove Beach towards Noosa National Park.

Park Road is lined with the most incredible pedestrian boardwalk as well, set amongst the trees, and with a beautiful view of the coast.

50870478_1191773617658336_1762779304128675840_n copy

50826224_286051175412047_133111524813176832_n copy

We made it to the entrance of the national park, and soaked in the view for a while. Approaching sunset, everything was bathed in a delicious light. Before long though, we realised it was time to head back to Main Beach.

50614297_424002328344236_4604773113945653248_n copy

50521851_366859294104285_7190266206920638464_n copy

50539635_439269263277647_2131390676124827648_n copy

We had a drink down at the surf club, before walking tree-lined Hastings Street, all illuminated by fairy lights.

50745272_599963697091911_1498918499400024064_n copy.jpgThe next day, we went for an incredible hike starting south at Sunshine Beach.50005857_561079287697856_3535401779946586112_n copy

50494712_231884567755272_6176143700129742848_n copy

The view flipped between tree-scape and sea-scape, and I just loved how our hike led us along sandy shores and then back up hills again.

50604625_326860421504329_2816555895343808512_n copy

Sunshine Beach was so sprawling and long, with a beautiful sea breeze to cool down the hot Queensland temperatures.

50663701_323621994924872_5164058979227140096_n copy

50917091_488680688205978_2826101077907079168_n copy

Climbing hills, descending down and then climbing some more, we reached the half way mark – Hell’s Gate.

50668137_601641783638830_3786829367317889024_n copy

51132770_360422414789735_6270323287729897472_n copy

50255278_387907085348508_6125404013056753664_n copy

It’s a gorgeous rocky outcrop, that has a wonderful 180 degree perspective of the coast.

p1160583 copy

Unlike the first half, the second part of the hike towards Noosa was an easy (but still very attractive!) descent.

50990877_374048753329037_6584345582444216320_n copy

50670053_2128757987435825_8100397122999812096_n copy

50680186_2275137932745723_358364731079131136_n copy

Reaching Hastings Street, we caught a taxi back to the Sunshine Beach Surf Club, and ate a delicious lunch, before heading home, jumping into the pool and relaxing.

That evening we headed out to Noosaville, soaking in the sunset, the buzzing vibe and bird life.

50685899_2215956352000784_2760754537772875776_n copy

50647961_1009706265820247_428206603028660224_n copy

(Sunset Bar is an ideal place for a beautiful view!)

50485430_603312556778533_5533402016082034688_n-1 copy

We had drinks and nibbles at the Bavarian Hof, before heading home to a night on the back patio.

The next day we headed up to Tinbeerwah, soaking up yet another view of the surrounding national park, the Hinterland, and coast.

p1160613 copy

We then went for a spot of shopping, more lazing around the pool and then headed out to some summer night markets.

50442348_293647494557324_3786919591695876096_n copyNoosa was a glorious mini-holiday within a holiday. We unfortunately had to leave and make our way back to Brisbane the next day, but I am bound to be back soon. 

Back in Brisbane, I spent my last night in Queensland over a big family dinner, and the next day with a delicious and rowdy pool-side BBQ. All-in-all, a memorable start to 2019!


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