Christmas Wanderings

Friday night I was left at a loose end, and instead of snuggling up on the couch watching Netflix, I thought I’d hit up the town for some festive wanderings.

I donned on a dress and rendezvoused with my parents to walk the streets with them. We met in London Court, under the large wreaths, bursting with baubles.

davThe city was in a glittery, festive cheer and the temperature was just perfect!

We then found ourselves on St George’s Terrace, opposite St George’s Cathedral. There I made friends with a rather glamourous marsupial, who was more than happy to have a photo with me.


There’s a wonderful display of Christmas-y kangaroos splayed across the Council House lawn, with people flocking about them, and also others admiring the light projection on the Cathedral across the street.

Up the little alley towards the library there was even more lights to be found.


It was then that we thought it was about time for some refreshments.

Right there, tucked away underground, was the perfect place.

Halford Bar, on the corner of the State Buildings, is a very unassuming place on the outside, but a little goldmine within.

Down the stairs and into the bar, you’re treated to the most luxurious mood lighting, gold accents, dripping wax candles and velvet upholstery galore. It’s like stepping back into an old 1950’s lounge bar – definitely my kind of heaven on earth!



What’s more, they specialise in cocktails and whiskey, so a perfect place for an after dinner drink on date night, for gents and ladies alike.

The atmosphere is a perfect balance of cozy, yet lively. What I love even more is that it’s not too rowdy, which is far better than most overcrowded, noisy bars, where you’re trying to yell into your friend’s ears to be heard.

The staff are incredibly friendly and ready to help, especially when you feel overwhelmed for choice with their extensive drinks menu.


I ordered a rather retro (virgin) Passion Soda: passionfruit, lime, mint, ginger, soda.

Utterly minty, balanced and deliciously refreshing.

I was driving (and hadn’t eaten) so kept it virgin, but the others ordered one with the shot of rum later in the night and it gave the drink a wonderful kick!

We also had the Halford 75 – semi-dry, but with a sugar rim – and the Charlie Chaplin – more dry again and with a slight bitter hint, which pleased the Italian Aperol spritz lover inside of me.

With drinks, though, naturally comes nibblies.


We ordered the saucisson – french cured sausage – to share, and my word was it good! The olives and pickles were also divine, so much so, that we ordered a second round after the first was done.

We whiled the time away chatting over candle-light, and talking to the waiter, who was busy as a beaver, but keen to talk about the food and their suppliers.

It was time to head off, but I will definitely be back before the Christmas season is over.





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