Araluen Tulip Festival

sdrThe weather is looking wonderful this weekend, and I have the perfect place for you to soak up the glorious sunshine and enjoy a colourful feast for the eyes.


Araluen Botanic Gardens is open for business, with it’s greatly loved ‘It’s Yates Springtime at Araluen’, or better known as the good Ol’ Tulip Festival, now in full swing.


With over 145 000 bulbs planted this year and blooming early in the season, the colours are out in full force, the gardens beautiful and meticulous as always, and there are happy strollers and picnic-goers galore.


Set yourself up a feast in the sunshine, or pop over to the food trucks, or the Chalet Healy Cafe for a bite to eat, before wandering the 14 hectares of beautiful gardens and water ways.

P1150004 copy


P1140998 copy

The colours are spectacular in the the sunshine and will definitely boost your mood after a long wet work week.


Go exploring and find even more flowers like the internationally recognised camellias and glorious magnolias, the winding paths and walks, stone cottage-style buildings, rivulets, waterfall and the large river all for your enjoyment.



I have to confess the blossoms stole my heart a little bit.


But the tulips without a doubt steal the entire show!



P1140997 copy


The festival lasts until September 24th and is a must-see if you want to spend a day out of the city. Take some friends, family or even more importantly…

P1150019 copy 2.jpg

Your dad!

Father’s Day and some outdoor delights – a pretty good combination don’t you think?


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