The Portside Grill

‘Friends are the family you can’t choose’ and these girls, Rebekah and Elizabeth, are exactly that to me.

P1090076 copy.jpg

I’ve had a friendship with them 11 years and counting, we think of each other as cousins, if not sisters, and they’re one of the handful of people who actually know how I (oddly) tick.

But besides all that, food and friends/family are the best recipe for a weekend, so we got together for a Saturday lunch that would make any spare-rib loving American proud.

Vegetarians, look away!

P1090044 copy

The Portside Grill is relatively new to Sorrento Quay (also called Hillary’s Boat Harbour around these parts). The grill has a fantastic relaxed vibe, a ‘walk-in’s welcome’ attitude and meal portions that would satisfy any hungry wanderer.

P1090069 copy

P1090050 copy

We sat ourselves down at some stools and a table (or a barrel, should I say?) and got comfy.

P1090068 copy

P1090066 copy

P1090053 copy

While Elizabeth is never keen on photos of herself, I forced her to!

P1090052 copy

Rebekah on the other hand was far more co-operative.

P1090058 copy

And looking pretty splendid, considering she had done night shift!

P1090056 copy

We didn’t really look at the menu, because I was calling the shots.

It was time for theeee (*drum roll*) ‘Ultimate BBQ Board’…

P1090065 copy

Sticky pork ribs, 1/2 piri piri Chicken, tender beef short ribs, spicy wings, fries and slaw.

P1090060 copy

P1090062 copy

It’s a generous portion for two people, or perfect for three girls, as a solid effort for lunch.

P1090063 copy

P1090059 copy
If you’re still hungry, just order up some extra fries…or loaded fries…or walk through the quay for some gelato later. (I’m a clever thinker.)
Anyway, we tucked in. It was a messy saucy affair, with a lot of fingers and napkins involved,  mumbles of ‘yum’ and telling each other that they had sauce on their face. Oh, and I accidentally rubbed chilly into my eye, which caused some eye twitching and funny comments.
Satisfied though, we set our plates aside and took our leave.
P1090080 copy
P1090078 copy
There’s no better way to wear off such a meal, as a walk…and maybe some childish antics along the way.
I promise we are in our twenties, though the people walking past us probably didn’t think so.
P1090081 copy
It gets worse…
P1090082 copy
P1090083 copy
Told you.
Moving on! Hillary’s Boat Harbour is always gorgeous on a sunny day. The rain was nowhere to be seen, even though the wind was whipping us about!
P1090041 copy
P1090043 copy
We took a stroll down the boardwalk and then snuck behind all the shops to where the boats are moored.
P1090084 copy
Ab-sail-utely lovely!
P1090085 copy
35026371_988712911310314_3223193168316989440_n copy
The money shot right there, I think! ^
P1090088 copy
Back on the boardwalk, we continued to laugh and fool around, as the crazy 12 year olds we are deep down, or not so deep down…
P1090087 copy
Before heading over towards the sheltered beach. This place is usually bursting with families through summer, when it’s 10 degree warmer!
P1090089 copy
P1090091 copy
But today, we had it all to ourselves.
34874235_1076825442497585_1579221610307518464_n copy
(Also, if you check out my Instagram ‘Highlights’, you might see a little of the craziness in action.)
P1090045 copy
Sadly, all good things must come to an end though.
P1090047 copy
Back at where we started, we chatted in the carpark for a long while, before I had to go to an appointment.
I used to live in Sorrento, so just up the road from this beautiful Perth landmark, and I miss having it on my doorstep. Now it’s 15 minutes drive away, which means no more morning walks from home, but I guess I can’t complain.
It won’t be long before we’re back and testing out the rest of the menu at Portside Grill.
P.S. Also, sorry for the poor layout and lack of spacing in the photos and text in this post. WordPress is messing up on me!!

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