Let Them Eat Cake

Since graduating university, all my friends and I agree how you really need to make a conscious effort to ‘still be friends’. We don’t bump into each other anymore like we would on a daily basis at lectures, nor can we eat lunch and chat away in the common room  between practice sessions like we used to. Now, it means making time to meet up properly whether over coffee, or lunch. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do lately, though work and stage shows tend to get a little in the way.

In any case, I pestered my gorgeous friend Rachel to catch up one mid-morning and she jumped at the opportunity. Better yet, when she suggested that we meet at Sayers, I said ‘say’ no more! We were set for a perfect morning out.

You can find Sayers in the heart of Perth’s hipster centre, Leederville, and the hipsters and not-so-hipsters alike sing its praises.

Bubbly and excited, I nabbed a table inside and waited for her.

P1080659 copy

The gorgeous girl arrived, all smiles, as she always is, and we started chatting away.

P1080663 copy

When it came to ordering, I was just going to grab a coffee, but when I saw the cakes on display, and I found out Rachel had ordered cake, I couldn’t resist either, especially as there was some wonderful gluten free choices.

P1080660 copy

We got an orange and poppy seed cake and a rich dense chocolate mud cake, both gluten free and to share.

P1080666 copy

P1080667 copy

The coffee was wonderful.

P1080668 copy

P1080664 copy

The cakes utterly divine and decadent.

P108066 copy

P1080661 copy

P1080671 copy

And the conversation even better!

P1080669 copy

P1080658 copy

We talked to the point where I realised my parking had expired, so I ran off, paid for another hour and came back, chatting to the last minute again. It was wonderful!

Sayers is open for breakfast and it’s a serious brunch hot spot. You’ll want to book, particularly on the weekends, as it’s bursting with everyone wanting their steaming hot coffee and big breakfasts…or order up a dessert storm, and in the alleged words of   Marie Antoinette, ‘let them eat cake’!

P1080670 copy

We are more than happy to oblige!









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