Cucina on Hay

Today, as I’m sure you know, is Mother’s Day, but for my family it’s even more special, as it’s not only Mother’s Day for Mamma Feltoe, but it’s also her birthday! (Of course, she’s just turned 21.)

Our family is spread out across the country, so we can’t do big family gatherings for these affairs (a lot of phone calls certainly make up for it though), but instead the family in Perth (meaning we three amigos), thought it a lovely idea to head out for some good eating to celebrate. And that’s exactly what we did.

P1080851 copy

Cucina on Hay is where we set our sights on. It’s a gorgeous little Italian place tucked down the end of Hay Street and attached to the Mercure Hotel.

P1080793 copy

I’ve walked past this place several times, eyeing off its quaint decor, so I was very keen to give it a go.

P1080795 copy

What was even better was that, while the rest of Perth’s popular spots were completely booked out for Mother’s Day, we had the place almost to ourselves. A photographer’s delight!

P1080796 copy


P1080790 copy

P1080799 copy

P1080818 copy

Top and Skirt (Both from Review and are now on SALE!)

P1080793 copy

P1080794 copy

Tucked away in our little nook, we got stuck into ordering.


P1080822 copy

English breakfast tea for one.

P1080826 copy

And complimentary Mother’s Day champers for the other.

P1080830 copy

P1080828 copy

And then the gorgeous spread of food came rolling out and certainly didn’t disappoint! Many of the ingredients are sourced locally and everything tasted  quality and authentic.


A tasty gluten free pizza for me, with Italian prosciutto from Parma region, Donnybrook VIC fresh mozzarella, Fontina cheese, arugula.

P1080834 copy

Papa Feltoe ordered the 18-hour slow cooked lamb osso buco, with Grana Pradana cheese polenta and gremolata.  Sensational and tender.

P1080845 copy

And the birthday girl got the trio of gnocchi. A mix of  pumpkin, basil and traditional flavoured gnocchi served with gorgonzola cream, cherry tomato, spinach, parmigiano-reggiano.

P1080844 copyAmazing, but incredibly rich! We all really like the flavour of this one, but because it’s so rich, it’s probably best to be a shared plate next time.

Not having read any reviews, or sussed out the place beyond looking through the window before, I was thoroughly impressed, with the quality of the food, the reasonable prices, the friendly staff and most of all, the company I kept!

P1080792 copy

We shall definitely be back again for another family outing!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you loving and hard-working mums out there, and especially happy birthday to this wonderful woman!

P1080848 copy

“The work of a mother is hard, too often unheralded work. Please know that it is worth it then, now, and forever.” —Jeffrey R. Holland



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