Island Market

The weather here in Perth can’t seem to make up its mind. One day it’s raining, another hot and sunny, before getting cold, and then the strange unpredictable cycle happens over again. It makes it very hard to know what to do and what to wear each day, but two things that I think are invariably enjoyable, no matter the weather is:

#1 Coffee

P1080640 copy

P1080646 copy

And #2 The beach

P1080626 copy

P1080629 copy

Rain, hail or shine, I’m a beach lover. I’m utterly fascinated by how the view is constantly changing from day to day, depending on the weather. To me, a grey ocean day is just as captivating as a bright sunny day overhead, and aqua, crystal clear water below. It may¬† not be as ‘resort’ stunning, but I find it just as fascinating and pretty.

But I diverse…coffee and beach, that’s what I love, but I think you already know that. However, what you may not know, is that I’ve found a place that has both in perfect balance.

My bubbly pink-loving friend Rishma (who you have all met before here) showed me this gem of a place, oozing with pastel pinks, ocean views and a true Miami vibe.

Island Market is the perfect place for all those palm leaf loving, pink flamingo enthusiasts and Instagrammers like myself. A true holiday spot that’s not so far away from home after all…

P1080630 copy

P1080652 copy

P1080654 copy

They have a varied menu, for casual restaurant dining, cakes at the counter, drinks and cocktails, and of course … coffee.

P1080637 copy

We took a seat by the window to indulge in the view, as I caught up on all of Rishma’s latest travel adventures.

P1080631 copy

P1080635 copy



P1080636 copy

We ordered ourselves some lattes and chatted and laughed away.

P1080634 copy

P1080645 copy

Because we had a ‘latte’ to talk about.

P1080644 copy

P1080649 copy.jpg

And of course we couldn’t ignore¬† this gorgeous view at our eye-line.

P1080650 copy.jpg

We ‘Perthians’ are very lucky and it’s fantastic to have eateries along the water like this. I’ll be back again and again.

P1080628 copy

Find them at Trigg Beach, along West Coast Drive. The staff are really friendly and there’s no drama for parking. I’ll ‘sea’ you there!





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