Red, White and Blue

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m seriously wooed by a classic combination of red, white and blue. I gravitate to it, and throw in a bonus stripe, and a button, or two, and I’m all yours!

P1090643 copy

A second point to know about me, is that I’m notorious for wearing my dad’s thirty year old oversized jumpers – no kidding, one is from the 1982 Commonwealth Games. Better yet, get my friends to tell you how I wore my brother’s big woolly school jumper to university religiously throughout each winter. I’ve sadly come to realise, now heading towards the cooler months this year, that it is probably time to leave the old school jumper behind, and I’ve found the perfect replacement to ease the sad tidings.

P1090648 copy.jpg

Aimlessly online shopping, I came across this perfect beauty of a knitted cardigan on Marks and Spencer. It’s a combination of everything I love ‘woven’ into one – timeless, loose and a little oversized, made of natural fibres, red, white and blue and with bonus lovely gold buttons thrown into the mix. It was love at first sight and coming in well under $100, it was a no-brainer.

P1090644 copyCardigan // Jeans // Shoes (Market buy in Malta) // Watch // Bag (Forever 21) // Initial Pendant

Paired with deep blue jeans, ‘matchy-matchy’ shoes and a little bag, it sets off a perfect casual outfit to see me through the changing seasons.

P1090662 copy.jpg

Nautical, preppy, but most of all super comfy!

P1090656 - Copy.JPG






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