Easter 2018

I thought I’d share a quick post of my throw together Easter ‘tablescape’, with you all.

I seriously wasn’t planning on ‘dressing’ the table, but it all evolved over the morning and was ready in time for the family dinner. I personally don’t like to over decorate the table, as much as I love the look, because, practically speaking, it just gets too cluttered and no one knows where to put anything. Also, we tend to have a few ‘littlies’ prancing about the place on these festive occasions, so we definitely need some space, for kids sitting on laps, extra plastic cups and plates, spillages and whatever else may arise.

29893358_1016647718488532_1723127633_o copy.jpg

The tablecloth is a cotton embroidered piece from Malta and as a set with matching embroidered napkins. I got down to ironing and it was all done in a jiffy.

The cutlery set is coming on a few decades old now and was given to my parents on their wedding day by my aunt and uncle.

The wine glasses are a simple and classic cut (possibly from IKEA! I honestly can’t remember.)

The gold rimmed water glasses are hand made and by the Italian company ‘Cristalleria Fumo’. Lovely indeed!

The little watercolour rabbit images I found on Pinterest and printed them off. (Find the pin here.) There’s a whole bunch of adorable images to choose from on Pinterest, so it was difficult to choose, but I settled on this one, as it was rather adorable and had colours which would suit the green in the tablecloth.


I dabbed gold ink all around the paper to give it a less stark white appearance and it helped to blend the white paper with the off white napkins.

29993692_1016739818479322_1732273725_o copy.jpg

And the centre piece were fresh cuts from the abundance of pomegranate trees, ivy and bougainvillea in our garden.

29894117_1016657785154192_630757375_o copy

29943254_1016648058488498_1015952517_o copy

29883908_1016648055155165_1835020653_o copy

Finally, I realised I had some left over rosemary, after the lamb had been seasoned, so I cut up the springs and placed them on the corner of the napkin. It gave a beautiful aroma, plus a little more texture to the table.

29883978_1016657791820858_1594961457_o copy

And voila! A simple, vibrant, country themed table setting perfect for Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this festive season.

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