Boucla Café

P1080592 copyIf there’s one culture Australians are artful at, it’s brunch, and my friend Delia has certainly mastered the art-form down pat. Naturally, when we arranged to meet up, it involved finding a great café, with good coffee and atmosphere. We both love a place that is cosy, unique and not a franchise.

This particular morning, we were not disappointed! Tucked away in the beautiful suburb of Subiaco, Boucla Boutique Café oozes with an eclectic mix of Greek, Turkish and Moroccan décor. The place has a state of being well-loved, aged and worn, like you find such places in the Mediterranean.


P1080558 copy

Very popular, but not overcrowded, we headed to the back of the café and tucked ourselves away in the corner nook – truly the best seats of the house.

P1080586 copy

P1080559 copy

P1080588 copy

P1080562 copy

P1080572 copy

Soaking up the lavish Moroccan vibes, we very willingly made ourselves at home.

P1080563 copy

P1080566 copy

P1080576 copy

P1080571 copy.jpg

P1080561 copy

The menu, as you would presume, is inspired from Mediterranean cuisine and has an interesting and very tasty looking selection of meals, plus a choice of pastries and divine looking cakes at the counter cabinet.

But first, coffee!

When they were served, they were more than greatly enjoyed.

P1080581 copy

Delia is a serious mug-hugger!

P1080582 copy

Once she picks up that cup, conversation almost completely stops, or gets redirected to talking about the rich aroma and the pleasure of swirling that double espresso resting in her palms. She’d proudly ‘espress’-o that to you herself!

To eat, I ordered from the breakfast menu, the coconut bircher, with toasted seeds, chilli and cinnamon poached pears, maple granola and star anise dust.


If we’re talking muesli, I’d definitely recommend. The flavours and spices were lovely. Quite the ‘pear’-ing!!

P1080579 copy

Delia ordered the Persian Slipper and it didn’t disappoint either.

P1080585 copy

A parcel of pastry filled with slow cooked beef, sweet potato and pumpkin in spices, it’s part of their lunchtime menu and is one of their many savoury pastries to try.

We ate and chatted at length, all in the lovely secluded environment.

Then followed a second round of coffee.

P1080589 copy

Before we thought it time to leave.

We continued to talk and walk (and walk and talk!) down Rockeby Road (some serious multi-tasking going on, don’t you think?), exploring the street and shops, while wearing off brunch.

The architecture is very classic and timeless in the area and wonderful for photo opportunities, that’s for sure!

P1080591 copy


Below are some fashion picks inspired by my outfit:

Flowy Pants here, here and here.
Tops here and here.
Shoes here, here and here.
Scarfs here and here.
Handbag here.
Or try these dresses here and here.
….Or a skirt here!

P1080594 copy

Choices inspired by Delia’s style:

Tops (exact) here and (another) here.
Jeans here. (The choices are endless!)
Bag here.
Shoes here and here.

P1080598 copy

Soon it was time to head home though, but not before vowing to try another café we found nearby, for our next catch up!


But that’s for another day…

P1080601 copy

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