St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! And I think it’s finally the first day of autumn for us Aussies – it’s been a while in coming!

P1090447 copy

It’s a gusty windy day. The sun can’t make up it’s mind weather it wants to be bright, shining and out in full glory, or hidden behind the white voluminous clouds that sweep across the bright blue sky.

P1090482 copy.jpg

In any case, I love this weather and to celebrate, I thought to do a blog of all things green for St Patrick and an outfit that carries you from summer to the cooler weather, or vice versa, for those heading into spring!

To be honest, I really had nothing green in my closet for many years, apart from this khaki skirt and another matching khaki knitted top, but lately, I’ve been trying to rectify that.

P1090429 copy

Now look at me, a green cardigan and a matching purse!

P1090427 copy.jpg

P1090433 copy

Green cardigan (similar here and here and here) // Skirt (unfortunately very not similar here ) // Welly Merck Watch (Use GraceA15 for 15% off) // Green Purse (similar here and here)// Heels

This is a great little outfit for work, or smart casual events. The skirt I bought in my travels years ago and it’s from Trucco, a lovely Spanish brand. It’s of a wonderful quality and has a timeless retro feel.¬† I’ve never seen anything quite like it since.

P1090430 copy

The heels on the other hand are very available! A new acquisition of mine, I bought them at Wittner on sale. Made from Argentinian leather, they’re very soft and there’s no rubbing from the first wear. Being so comfortable, they’re perfect for work and those events out, when you don’t want to be standing around with sore feet. There’s still some sizes available, so go check them out!

P1090453 copy

P1090450 copy

P1090436 copy

P1090444 copy

Happy St Patrick’s Day and enjoy this beautiful weather!







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