Little Miss Sunshine – Ella Nevada

P1080801 copyI’m not hugely supportive of ‘fast fashion’ – trends that come and go in an instant, and clothes off the racks that won’t fit ‘here’, or pop open ‘there’. If you see me wearing something on trend, it’s because I like it for what it is, and I will continue to wear it long after the trend has moved on, because I chose it for itself, not to ‘fit in’. The key is to dress timelessly, buy pieces of a good material that last and make sure they fit properly! My aim is to look back on photos of myself in 20, 30 and even 40 years time and not regret my fashion choices of now…well, as much as possible…

Having said that, a parcel arrived in the mail through the week, which I was very excited about. A beautiful 100% cotton hand-sewn dress by none other than the Brisbane-based fashion designer, Ella Nevada.

P1080779 copy

P1080780 copy

Measured and made precisely for me, it is everything that fast fashion is not, and it looks totally adorable on.

P1080788 copy

P1080786 copy

What I love is that there are no size tags. You’re not a number, you’re you! Tall, or short, curvy, or slim. The cuts are so flattering and mine fits perfectly. Give Ella your measurements and she works her magic.

P1080789 copy

P1080790 copy

I’m very lucky to share with you the release of the Little Miss Sunshine Dress into Ella’s collection. With box pleats that fall beautifully, adjustable tie straps, a hem length you can choose to suit you and various fabrics to choose from, it’s a wonderful dress to ‘dress’ up, or down, and perfect for warmer weather.

And best of all, it’s well made and it’s not going in, or out of fashion any time soon.

P1080793 copy

P1080796 copy

I’m so excited to be collaborating with Ella Nevada and my followers can receive a 10% discount by using the code word ‘GRACE’ on all your orders, because seriously…who doesn’t like a saving!

P1080799 copy

Perfect for garden parties, Sunday’s out and summer holidays in Europe (*cough cough* yes, that is happening), you’ll be seeing me wear this piece for a good while to come.

P1080815 copy

I’m tired of tromping through chain stores, not finding what I’m after, or buying items that fall apart, after paying good money for them. I think it’s a wonderful thing to support smaller boutique designers, when their wares are no more costly than what you’ll find on the high street, but where a lot more attention has been given to each garment.

Ella Nevada is relatively new to the fashion town and doing superbly well, so go check out her collection here or follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Her collection is constantly expanding and fabrics are always coming and going, so there’s always something new and beautiful to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at.

Let me know you’re favourites and tag me in your outfits. I’d love to see!

P1080808 copy





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