Dress to Impress

So the other day I went shopping with my mum for my mum, but instead ended up with a winner purchase instead – a great midi dress!

P1080603 copy.jpg

I totally love it and thought I should share it with you, as it’s perfect for this time of year, with the change of season upon us (for us Aussies heading into autumn, and you Northern hemisphere crowd rejoicing over the coming spring!)

P1080644 copy.jpg

Purchased at lil’ unsuspecting Temt for an awfully good price, it’s got a fantastic length in the skirt that lends itself to being a great dress up, or dress down style. I love it with heels (especially as I’m quite a shorty), but it can go really well with flats, for a casual, more understated look.

P1080643 copy

Best of all is the skirt, how it is cut and how it falls so well. The material weight is also lovely to give it a ‘swooshy’ feel without flying around in the windy Perth climate.

In this colour, pair it with pops of red and I think you’re set for anything.

P1080628 2

P1080632 copy

A bit 50’s, a bit preppy, it’s right up my alley.

For some reason the online store doesn’t have the black and white option, but here it is in a lighter colour. Otherwise, find your local Temt store, pop in and buy one for yourself…and maybe your mum!

P1080648 copy





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