The Little Pantry

It was a splendiforous day (yes, ‘splendiforous’. I’ll copyright that, thank you!) and I met my wonderful friend Rishma at UWA School of Music. It’s such a stunning little spot of Perth all year round, don’t you think?

P1080469 copy

P1080471 copy

After a bit of music jamming, we headed off for some sustenance.

P1080468 copy

We went to a lovely cafe, The Little Pantry, which is featured on your ‘best places for brunch’ guides more often that not!

P1080517 copy

The outside is small and low-key and inside is tremendously cosy.

P1080516 copy.jpg

There’s a constant stream of people and it’s where the locals meet as the owner seemed to know people by name.

Inside is an eclectic mix of colour, contrast and styles, which we girls really liked. The dark decor makes all the furniture and decorative features pop. It has a really quirky, but quaint feel.

P1080486 copy

P1080476 copy

P1080482 copy

P1080479 copy

P1080507 copy

Oh ‘deer’!…Don’t forget to check out what’s to order in the cabinet too. (Can’t help myself!)

P1080508 copy

P1080480 copy

P1080481 copy

We checked out the menus to see what we’d like.

P1080472 copy

Rishma ordered the special of the day, a lamb burger with hand cut chips, and I asked for a bowl of chips (which wasn’t on the menu, but they accommodated nicely). I also ordered my ‘go-to’ drink, when trying to avoid coffee… a chai latte! (A great drink for a ‘latte’ good puns too!)

We sat ourselves down near the bookshelf and chatted away, while I went snap happy.

P1080484 copy

P1080513 copy

P1080483 copy

While I love the place, I must to say I was a bit disappointed with my chai. When it came out, there was undissolved powder lumps in the froth, which I’ve never had anywhere else before. Maybe it was just a one off mistake, but still not great for a ‘best brunch spot’, I think.

P1080506 copy

It tasted very yum nonetheless.

P1080492 copy

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P1080494 copy.jpg

The money shot right there. ^

P1080510 copy

P1080511 copy

The burger was nice  and the chips were lovely for ‘just chips’ – crispy, kind of old fashioned and with a lovely tomato sauce on the side. So all in all, we were pretty happy.

P1080515 copy

P1080518 copy

Definitely pop in and try their breakfast menu, because it has a ‘brunch’ of great reviews across the board.

Best of all…there’s free street parking!

Find them on Nicholson Road, Subiaco. Xx






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