Brisbane, South Bank & Family

If you didn’t follow my flood of Instagram stories last week, I went to Brisbane, to chill out and have a blast of a time. I was still on holidays from work, cousins were visiting from the UK and an ‘itty bitty’ nephew was due any day, so I thought it was a great time to fly over and while away my time there

P1080346 copy

Catching a red eye flight over, I didn’t dally away my day sleeping, but went straight to the city, after a shower and freshen up, to spend lunch with my Godmother.


She took me to the Shingle Inn, tucked away in the big old Town Hall.

P1080345 copy.jpg

While the food was nice enough, the setting was great, set in a Tudor style room in the depths of the building.

I didn’t explore the rest of the hall that day, but I did return through the week, with my camera in hand, and took some snaps of the building.

P1080351 copy

27398307_979103852242919_252348136_o copy

P1080354 copy

It’s super attractive inside, I must say!

P1080361 copy

P1080353 copy

P1080379 copy

P1080376 copy

Seeing me take photos, the friendly security guard approached and proceeded to tell me that the concert hall was open that day too. He then took me upstairs to show me the way.

P1080355 copy

The concert hall is definitely a place I’d like to perform in one day!

P1080356 copy

After, I went up to the third floor of the building, where there’s a free tour up the tower. Sadly the tour time I needed was all booked for the day, so I wondered through the free museum up there instead.

P1080362 copy

P1080367 copy

There’s a collection of modern artwork and a fashion exhibition.

P1080363 copyP1080364 copy

But what I think is far more interesting is the concise  history of Brisbane you can read on panels and some insight into the treatment of convicts.

P1080371 copy

P1080375 copy.jpg

P1080372 copy

P1080374 copy

P1080373 copy

(You haven’t traveled, if you don’t learn something while you’re doing it. That’s what I think, anyway.)

Also in the city, I spent some time down Eagle Street in the heart of the CBD. I think it has a really attractive, modern aesthetic, which is definitely saying something, because I’m usually a die-hard ‘old charm gal’.


Maybe because it’s all very ‘shiny’ and I’m like a bird – obsessed with sparkles!

South Bank, just across the winding brown Brisbane River, was where I spent most of my spare time. Whether practicing at the conservatorium, or swimming in the man made beach (or both!), I found myself there every day, for one reason, or other.

P1080398 copy

P1080396 copy

It’s a very relaxed and pretty part of Brisbane, with the bougainvillea arbor running the breadth of it, spots to eat all along the way and the Brisbane Eye at the heart of the place.

P1080399 copy

P1080392 copy

P1080393 copy

P1080395 copy

P1080418 copy

P1080422 copy

27394002_979103835576254_209713242_o copy

27335780_979095638910407_801192160_o copy

27394125_979093262243978_1577688608_o copy

It’s great any time of day, or night. We even went for a night swim, which is definitely something I’d recommend.

There’s great views of the city too.

P1080417 copy

And pop down Stanley Street Plaza for a bight to eat, or wander the markets on the weekend. The market keeps buzzing into the night.

P1080407 copy

27479171_979093215577316_731281171_o copy

P1080403 copy

P1080406 copy

Also, don’t forget to have a wander through the parkland too.

27398469_979093095577328_723502080_o copy

Don’t be scared to make new friends! Meet Liz….the Lizard! (An Eastern Water Dragon.)

27335868_979092492244055_570159310_o copy

Some other great activities I did was hit up Wet‘n’Wild on the Gold Coast, with the ‘adult’ cousins. (But really, deep down, or not so deep down, we’re just kids, who love water and fast slides.) It was a buzz!

Another activity we did, which I highly recommend, is Escape Manor in the city. It was a great escape room that makes your brain tick and unleashes the Sherlock inside everyone, or makes you scream of fright (like I shamefully did). I recommend getting a mixed bunch of thinkers together and just go do it!

27335658_979092715577366_1005199051_o(1) copy

Unless you don’t want to be as crazy as us!

Besides all the fun and games though, what really was the highlight of my trip was making some truly amazing friends, having memorable conversations, holding my new-born nephew for the first time, spending afternoon tea with the grandparents and hanging out with this absolutely crazy and wonderful family of mine!

27336019_10214906849642044_1514077356_o copy

27335593_10214906855202183_614291892_o copy

27398107_10214906858282260_389397763_o copy

27398632_10214906857762247_1510437746_o copy

Not one normal photo…not one!

Brisbane, see you soon!

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