Holiday Reads

This coming Christmas holidays I’m determined to read.

Being homeschooled I would spend every spare minute of my day with my nose in a book, but once other priorities came into my life, university, work, music and a buzzing social life (far too buzzing  for the introvert in me!) reading has been put on the back burner… until the past couple of months.

P1070763 copy

While overseas and since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to read at least a few pages a day and I’m finding it the best way to relax and have the down time I’m needing. It also keeps my creative juices flowing, as its a wonderful escapism from the hum-drum reality of life.

So I decided, to keep me motivated on this path of productive reading, I’d make a post about all the books I’m planning to read and you guys can keep me accountable.

P1070760 copy

Below is an array of books, with the hope that one might peek your fancy, as it has mine.

To start with is a well read series for me that oozes with Romanticism and girl-hood charm. For the modern gent I dare say, stay away!

P1070739 copy

The Anne of Green Gables series, by the beloved L. M. Montgomery, is such a classic and it’s a must read for any dreamy teenage girl (or not so teenage girl!). I just started reading Anne of Avonlea again and hopefully jump onto Anne of the Island right after.

P1070740 copy

They’re highly amusing books and great for a light read, without having uneducated, or limited language, which seems to go with a lot of pulp fiction these days.

P1070742 copy

On my ‘to purchase’ list is Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. I haven’t pressed the purchase button yet, but by the time I’ve published this post, maybe I would have!

Well known now, because of the TV series and movie, I popped into the bookshop on the weekend, expecting to find it there (trying to not support the internet shopping craze), but they didn’t have it, so off to my one true love, the Book Depository, it is then!

Next is a work translated by the great J. R. R. Tolkein.

P1070745 copy

The name Beowolf is relatively known to all, as the great Norse heroine who defeats the monster Grendel. It is the longest epic Old English poem recorded and the original manuscript dates back 1000 years. The wonderful reason I’m after this edition is because it was translated by Tolkien, who was professor of Anglo-Saxon studies in Oxford in his time and there’s something very special knowing how much he drew from all this old literature for his own epic writings of Middle Earth. Finishing the translation in his 30’s he never published it in his lifetime, but kept editing it in later years. His son, Christopher Tolkien, finally had it published and boy, am I grateful for that!

P1070746 copy

Next is the very book I talked about last year and received as a gift, Bring up the Bodies. The sequel to Wolf Hall, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

P1070747 copy

Incredible writing style, interesting perspective and educational all at the same time. Wolf Hall deserves to be on the ‘classics’ shelves as the years roll by, so I have fairly great expectations for this as well.

P1070750 copy

A recommendation for you, if you haven’t read it yet is A Thousand Splendid Suns. It was my vacation read as I gallivanted around Europe and I really enjoyed it, plus it’s thoroughly eye opening to recent history that doesn’t seem to be taught, or talked about enough. (NB Europe blog posts are coming, I promise!)

P1070752 copy

The Little Prince, or Le Petit Prince. Now this is a children’s classic! I bought this for myself in French, while in Lyon. It’s thoroughly amusing and I love the matter-of-fact style, plus it helps broaden my very limited French vocabulary. It’s a win-win for me.

Now talking about gifts for yourself, or someone else (sneaking into the Christmas season and all), here’s some suggestions I thoroughly love and would recommend.

P1070753 copy

On the right is an invaluable travel diary by Kikki.K that stuck close to me on my travels. Visiting so many places in such a small amount of time, I made sure to make an entry for each day. It helps you remember all the little names  and details so quickly forgotten, like the incredible food you had each night! Best of all, inside there’s….

P1070757 copy


P1070754 copy

Now, Bomo Art personally designed diaries are the best luxury stationary you could ask for. I gushed about them last year in my Christmas wish list and I’ll gush about them again. They come in all shapes and sizes, personalised leather, initials, and prints. It’s a book nerds delight!

Finally mashing my love for books and my love for travel in one is this little beauty.

P1070758 copy

Lonely Planet has compiled this substantial book with all you need to know about where to visit at what time of year. It’s shows affordability, what each place is best for, whether food, culture, adventure, relaxation, or nature among many other things. It gives you a great brushstroke of travel inspiration and makes you consider places you might not go otherwise consider going. I really appreciated when it was gifted to me, so I’m sure it would be great for many other’s out there too.

And that’s a wrap for now on all my literature and stationary ideas. It looks like I’m going to be all ‘book-ed’ up these holidays.

But seriously, while I might not get through all of my ‘to-do book list’ I do hope to make a decent dent and I certainly hope you might have found some ideas as well.

P1070767 copy

Also, if you have any book suggestions, PLEASE, send them my way!




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