Monday State of Mind

What I love about my work is one week is never the same as the next. That’s the sort of job I wanted since my mid-teens and that is what I’ve certainly got so far. (I just didn’t realise it meant I would drive to every far corner of the earth for it, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, my Monday this week was no exception.

I set myself appointments back to back in the general vicinity of Claremont, because I thought why not kill many birds with one stone? It was pouring with rain, but with trusty umbrella in hand, I set out unperturbed.

First I had to head to the small Claremont campus of UWA. It’s tucked away among the old federation houses of the suburb and you wouldn’t know it existed unless you went there specifically.

20170814_090534 copy

It is a wonderfully old building and quite peaceful. Heading in there  took me back high school years, when I first went to sit my piano and singing exams.

20170814_090522 copy

There’s a lovely big oval regularly used, perfectly green and kept, and I remember  peeking at a soccer match going on out there from the window, during my singing exam five years ago now! How time flies!

20170814_090553 copy

20170814_090549[1] copy

Sorry for the fuzzy photos, I was a woman on a mission, with no time to stop.

Inside has some lovely features, but it’s a working building with offices, classes and exams in progress, so you’re expected to be quiet.

20170814_095746[1] copy

After that I had some time spare, so I had arranged for a quick (and I mean quick) coffee catch up with my close friend Arianne.

I picked her up from UWA, in the throws of music practice, and whizzed her off to a popular coffee spot, much loved by the campus kids and professionals alike.

IMG_20170814_110927 copy

The Tenth State along Broadway (Perth Broadway, not NYC Broadway of course…I wish!) It will absolutely fulfill all your hipster coffee desires and more.

The coffee is good and also the food  is tasty and particularly healthy.

The front of the shop gets busy, particularly around meal times, holding its capacity of people waiting for their take away orders. So, if you’re staying in like we were, I suggest ordering and heading through a little door to the back.

There, a little knick-knack world opens up for you.

20170814_101657 copy

A little shop filled with wonderful gift ideas.

20170814_101726 copy

20170814_101814 copy

And don’t forget the comical cards…


20170814_102047 copy

Now, take the next little door to the left of this mirror, you’ll find a nice little room to sit and chat away.

20170814_101707 copy

(And if you have friends who never stop moving, you too will get incredibly blurry portraits! ^)

20170814_104242 copy

In this room you’ll find comfortable velvety lux seats and speckled tables, among some more knick-knacks and an old fireplace.


20170814_102251 copy

Your coffees will find you and you can then while away whatever time, whether short or long, in conversation.

20170814_102259 copy

We soon had to whizz off again though. I dropped Arianne back to uni and I was off to another appointment. This time for a costume fitting for an opera I’m in, but that story is for another day….






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