Edition Cafe

This is what I like to call a new ‘old’ post.

Let me clarify. I came across a lovely little find a few months ago, when the weather was far nicer, sunny and it was worth heading out past your front door, unlike this past rainy and windy week here in Perth.

(Having said that, I don’t NOT like this wintery weather either, I actually quite enjoy it, but it doesn’t really lend itself to wandering streets and heading in and out of shops, like a clear blue sky does.)

The reason this has taken so long to post is I simply got so caught up with work I didn’t have the time to ever sit down and do it. But things have settled down a bit (for now) and this little place has been playing on my mind lately, especially as I’ve driven past it a couple of times this week. But I should probably introduce the place, instead of rambling on about it…

P1030489 copy

Edition Cafe in Swanbourne is where I’m talking about.  It’s tucked among the shops on Claremont Crescent, where you’ll find a grocer, traditional butcher, and a couple of gift shops, filled with beautiful things galore!

It was after a day doing ‘this and that’ on a mummy-daughter date, that we made our way there. I had been curious for so long about the place, so I was finally determined to try it out.

I loved the wonderful welcome of flowers for sale, set on either side of the door.

P1030476 copy

Bright fresh bouquets, ready for the taking and popular with the locals.

P1030477 copy

Edition is a deceptively large and very relaxed sort of place, with a lovely modern feel. Ordering our couple of drinks at the counter, we checked the little windows for any treats that took our fancy, before walking around the corner to find a table to call our own.

P1030478 copy

I loved the clever wall design. What better way to use all the National Geographics lying about the house! ^

We quickly found exactly where we wanted to sit….

The large airy nook of course, with a sofa large enough to relax on like an ancient Roman and cushions a plenty.

P1030479 copy

P1030481 copy

Mamma Feltoe and I appreciated the sweet little kitchen garden in the back, maybe as much as the insects, who were making the view buzz with life.

P1030487 copy

And did I mention the cushions?

P1030488 copy

(I may like cushions, if you haven’t guessed, but who doesn’t?!)

I also really liked that a few steps away was a little area for the kids, a big chalk board and ‘little people’ table included.

P1030486 copy

Our refreshments came out, which certainly satisfied us after all the shopping we had been doing. It’s tough work, you know?

P1030483 copy

A chai latte for moi and an iced chocolate and jam doughnut for Mamma Feltoe.

I like to think of myself as a chai latte connoisseur and if I recall, it was rather good.

P1030485 copy

Just chai-ing a sip…

P1030484 copy

Dress Emerson // Loafers Jane Debster // Watch Anne Klein

…Or two…

All in all, it was a lovely little place and I’d like to go back again and taste some other things on the menu.

Also, before you pop in your car and head off home, take a walk around the corner and look at this lovely street art by Ian Mutch.  Truly beautiful and such a hidden surprise!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.45.40 pm

But anyway Edition Cafe…until next time!




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