Snapshots of Brisbane

So almost a month ago now I took a flight to Brisbane in the great sunny state of Queensland, for a relaxing time spent with family, making  friends and seeing a few sights in between. I didn’t do anything greatly ‘tourist-y’ and I didn’t even carry my camera (though I packed it!).

Having said that, I couldn’t help myself from taking a few rather bad phone snaps. Also, to be honest, I haven’t blogged in such a long time, I think it’s high time to get back into it, PLUS I thought all these odd photos would do much better here, rather than floating around on my phone storage.


So here’s some of the things I got up to…

Surviving on three hours sleep from the red-eye flight the night before, I visited the lovely University of Queensland (UQ as the locals call it), where my dad graduated from back in the ‘old days’. It’s one of the six ‘sandstone universities’ of the country – meaning one of the oldest founding Australian universities.


It was great to walk the grounds and see the architecture he often mentioned.

On my ‘spare day’, which meant I was not spending time with family, I explored the city centre by foot.

20622597_886395591513746_846262515_o copy

This wonderful building was at the end of Queen’s Street Mall and overlooks the winding Brisbane River.

20598014_886395491513756_1052128701_o copy

Queen’s Street Mall is your place for shopping. It’s a wide pedestrian only access street filled to the brim with shops, eateries in the centre and buzzing with people.

I made a peculiar, but very special find there though, just as I was popping into the information office.

Within its walls and behind the desks of friendly staff willing to help any tourist in need, was the glimpse of something old and rather opulent…

20629223_886395431513762_184952766_o copy

Walking through I beheld the entrance of a fabulous old theatre, the Regal Theatre.

While it was very small, it came as a  special find to me and quite literally made my day.

20622843_886395334847105_650743542_o copy

I LOVE making unexpected discoveries, whether in my own city, or somewhere else.

I was quite happy to stop and set up shop there for the rest of the day.

20615132_886395098180462_1504365885_o copy

20616058_886395551513750_1600908335_o copy

20597637_886395554847083_2100230794_o copy

But alas, no.

The rest of the day was spent walking, walking and more…

20615092_886395364847102_975493744_o copy

…That’s right, you guessed it, WALKING!

20623475_886395391513766_1333250013_o copy


Popped into St John’s Anglican Cathedral.

20623704_886395118180460_1962785631_o copy

And also meandered South Bank and popped into the Art Gallery.

To top off a day like that I highly recommend finding a quay along the river and jump on a CityHopper, for a free trip along the Brisbane river at sunset.

20629806_886395234847115_1803285336_o copy

It’s a modest ferry,  nevertheless, if you get a seat on the top deck, it’s just sublime all the same!

20597938_886395264847112_2126430940_o copy

After a long day on foot, relaxing and watching the city pass by was one of the highlights of my trip.

20622851_886395091513796_331217449_o copy


But the most important part about my five days spent in Brisbane, was spending time with my family, playing with my nephews, talking to my sister about bits and bobs, visiting grandparents and flipping through old photo albums with them, getting rather full at a family dinner, playing XBox with my brother, Mason, meeting his great friends, helping him cook Sunday brunch for ‘da boyz’ and maybe having a bit of a night out with him and another fine fellow in my life, my cousin Michael.

20597983_886395064847132_2107001472_o copy

20629290_886395061513799_1084126399_o copy

They’re pretty charming chaps, but I’m warning you….


They’re crazy!

20132751_10213234061023374_352541989_o copy

I miss them, but I’ll be back seeing them soon, don’t you worry.

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