Chinta Cafe

It was a Sunday morning, where for once I didn’t need to be going somewhere, or doing something. My parents were heading out and I was at a loose end, so I was pretty keen to join them.

P1000488 copy

P1000490 copy

I stuck a vintage skirt of Mama Feltoe’s on for the morning, which is currently in fashion again, and it worked out a treat, with its elasticated waist, for the inevitable post brunch bump.


P1000491 copy

We decided to try somewhere new, that had been recommended by a friend, and boy did it not disappoint!

Chinta Cafe is situated in North Perth and is a large converted garage that is now wonderfully inspired on a Balinese theme.

P1000494 copy

P1000496 copy

Adorable red umbrellas adorn the place, along with plants and rustic details of it’s former automotive life.

P1000497 copy

P1000500 copy

P1000523 copy

The place inside is really very large and filled with lovely decor and details. (Sorry all the pictures have a pinkish, reddish hue because of the umbrellas!)

P1000521 copy

P1000503 copy


The staff are all very friendly and helpful, and the owner, Robyn, was floating around with a beautiful friendly smile across her face, dressed in a most fabulous kaftan, may I add!

The choice as to what to eat was a bit of a struggle, as the menu is rather comprehensive, over a few pages. But we managed, don’t worry.

P1000501 copy

Also the cakes in the counter window looked scrumptious! There was a decadent multi-story chocolate cake and a carrot cake that were both gluten free for us ‘glutards’.

I was tempted, but I thought probably best for next time…

Instead, we had a table filled up with other things

P1000542 copy

Very, very good English breakfast tea in the most perfect of teapots.


A wonderful warming mug of coffee, for you know who.

P1000548 copy

Some simple gluten free toast for me, with the most delicious Beerenberg jam!

P1000550 copy

Chorizo eggs for him. Really very good! Warning though, it is spicy, so you won’t enjoy if you’re not into spice excitement like we are.

P1000546 copy

And the French Benedict was a winner! Gooey camembert, fluffy holandaise on the side and a lovely croissant.

P1000557 copy

P1000556 copy

Both meals had eggs cooked to perfection!

Even the bunnies popped up wanting a taste!

P1000506 copy

The ingredients were quality and the serving sizes were certainly more than generous.

The one teeny tiny downside, was the table was a tad small for the three dishes we ordered, but don’t be put off by that! I can’t recommend this place enough. Perfect for the Sunday brunch meet up.

After you’re filled to the brim with brunch deliciousness, have a wander through the little Chinta homewares shop off in the corner, while you let your brunch settle.

P1000569 copy

P1000571 copy

P1000575 copy

P1000574 copy

I wanted to take all these tassels with me!

Afterwards, we headed home, before I went out again to sing at my third church service of the weekend (the life of being a classical singer, hey?!). I don’t complain, because I love my work and I love to sing!

Anyway, I highly recommend you put Chinta on your brunch list of to-do’s.

Besides the great food and the friendly staff, the ambience was really a winner and you don’t realise how large the place is, accommodating so many customers. The massive space is filled and decorated, making you not feel shrunken and lost inside. We went early, around 9am, which was perfect, as the place hadn’t filled up, but was a little busy and buzzing. It made for a perfect morning.








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