Sovereign Hill – Ballarat

Step back in time…


Horse drawn carriages on muddy roads, women corseted, with faces framed by bonnets, men who tip their hat to you in the street, craftsmen working their skills and gold … plenty of gold.

Step back in time and enter the world of Sovereign Hill in the bustling old gold rush town of Ballarat.

As Charles Dickens once wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, and the Australian gold rush of the 19th century was no exception. Here lies the heart of great success in history, nothing less than true life stories of ‘rags to riches’. Sadly though, there are horrid tragedies and misfortunes also – stories of people risking everything in search of fortune.

P1120051 copy

Sovereign Hill is a beautiful replica town of the gold rush period. The buildings look very authentic and the place is breathed to life each day by people who work there, dressed in period costume and acting every bit a lady, or gentleman of their class and station.

It is a place that educates and entertains everyone, no matter what age, and an absolute must-visit if you are in Victoria. There’s ‘olden day’ shops, food, craftsmen demonstrations, horse and carriage rides, gold mine tours and gold panning at your fingertips. There’s even wonderful short skits in the street that captivates all the tourists around, as you’re walking by.

P1120175 copy

Walk up Main Street and stop into every shop, or building that has its doors open to you.

P1120054 copy

If you’re peckish for a bit of morning tea, you MUST go to the Hope Bakery. While there will be so many sumptuous things to choose from, you have to walk out with the most simple, yet absolutely delicious custard slice you will ever try! The custard slice is not an option, it’s a must.

P1120055 copy

Everything is freshly made on site and I think you can taste it in the pastry.

P1120058 copy

…And get a sausage roll while you’re at it. You’re on holidays after all!

Custard slice in hand, keep walking up Main Street and keep exploring.

P1120057 copy

P1120056 copy

P1120071 copy

P1120062 copy

Head to the newspaper office, where you can get your very own ‘wanted’ poster displaying a hefty reward. You can become the western bandit, or bushranger you always wanted to be.

P1120062 copy

Pop into the Grocers and see what there is to offer. You’ll find handcrafted souvenirs, trinkets and toys for the kids.

P1120081 copy

P1120070 copy

And the jeweller is my personal favourite (apart from obvious ‘bling’ reasons) . It brings back many memories. I’ve bought several silver rings from here over the years (and this last trip was no exception.)

P1120122 copy

Definitely stick you’re head into the bar, even if you’re not up for a drink. In the morning it’s quiet, so you can get the place to yourself.

P1120082 copy

P1120087 copy

And don’t forget to greet the little canary birds near the window.

P1120084 copy

Why yello there!

P1120083 copy

I could imagine the gold office would have probably been one of the most important buildings of the town, no doubt, along with the bank and the bar, of course.

P1120174 copy

And every town has to have a post office.


The hub of gossip no doubt!

P1120066 copy

P1120102 copy

Inside the criterion, there’s the beautiful world of fashion!

P1120098 copy

P1120099 copy

It is very pretty inside, so do have a look and if you want to spend your pennies, all the items you see are for sale, so you could walk out with a pretty bonnet, or top hat, if you don’t restrain yourself!

The apothecary was a lovely sight as well!

20170206_153112 copy

I love all the cute jars and draws, neat and perfectly in order.

20170206_153045 copy

P1120159 copy

All I can say about Main Street, is just keep snooping! You’ll find buildings, offices, rooms and nooks and crannies that are all for you to enjoy. It gives you a wonderful taste of what day to day life would have been like and makes you understand the necessities such a village needed.

P1120064 copy

P1120061 copy

20170206_152813 copy

20170206_152555 copy

While I was walking around, a very finely dressed man burst out in front of me, calling out and attracting everyone’s attention.

P1120088 copy

He was inviting one and all to enter the beautiful theatre to watch a short act they were about to perform and I was certainly up for the entertainment.

P1120092 copy

So we entered and took our seats.

P1120095 copy

The skit was about the class disparity and racial discrimination of  those working in Ballarat and Australia at the time of the gold rush. Although all were immigrants to the country, some were sadly treated worse than others and this short play was about shedding light on the topic. It is a sorry tale, but sadly true and it taught us how unfair the whole system was. Certainly not something we want to replicate!

While you need to take your seats for the play, afterwards get up and look around. The theatre is quite impressive inside, for its small size.

P1120124 copy

Not quite a Phantom of the Opera scale chandelier, but impressive all the same.

P1120090 copy

Head upstairs for another view.

P1120128 copy

There’s even a gorgeous dining room cordoned off up there that caught me by surprise.

P1120127 copy

Now, when you head downstairs, pass through the little hall beside the staircase and check out the beautiful formal dining room tucked away to the side.

P1120129 copy

P1120126 copy

The painted wall panels are based of true artworks around the world and I completely fell in love with it.

I could spend the afternoon in that room, but alas! I had to move on.

P1120105 copy

P1120107 copy

Heading further up Main Street, you’ll start to glimpse the mine sights and the ‘working part’ of the town.

We were so lucky to have a quiet day here, with not swarms of people around. It made for such uninterrupted photos!

P1120108 copy

Up further we went to look at the old church…


P1120119 copy

P1120112 copy

Carriages at the funeral parlour…

(a bit morbid, sorry)

And most importantly….

P1120116 copy

The classic bowling alley!

Every historic replica town must have one of those, I’m sure…

P1120117 copy

Try your aim (or your luck)! I get rather competitive with bowling.

There’s even a man ready to take your pennies, though not really. He’s just there to supervise. Even so, he has a wonderful moustache!

P1120115 copy

Also, give this old game of bagatelle a go. It is similar in technique to pool, but of course with different rules.

P1120114 copy

Now, with all the sights to see, don’t forget to keep and eye on the time. Get your hands on a schedule of the skits and demonstrations held throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but when I’m somewhere new, I try and do it all. So if you’re anything like me, be sure to be a little organised as to where and what to do with your time, so your don’t miss anything.

P1120078 copy

There’s a police weapon demonstration, with a nice loud shot fired at the end.

P1120080 copy

Next, there’s the blacksmith forge. It is one of the first buildings you’ll see as you enter the site.

P1120052 copy

Be sure to know what time the demonstrations are on and watch him at work.

P1120060 copy

P1120053 copy

There’s also candle making, run by chatty ladies.

P1120110 copy

And of course, you’ll want to do the mine tours as well.

P1120146 copy

P1120154 copy

P1120155 copy

The Gold Mine Tour you will have to pay a little bit extra for, just as an FYI.

P1120141 copy

There’s also a wonderful boiled lolly making demonstration that is very interesting and kids will definitely love, because they get to try the fresh product at the end. These lollies have always been of a high quality, so they would be great as gifts.

On top of this, there are horse and carriage rides.

P1120165 copy

Entertaining skits in the street throughout the day.

P1120162 copy

P1120160 copy

P1120161 copy

P1120167 copy

And a gun salute!

P1120130 copy

P1120133 copy

Which was rather loud!

P1120164 copy

P1310966 copy

P1310963 copy

The wonderful aspects about all these demonstrations is that those working here are not only making their products, but talking, explaining and teaching the audience as well, giving them interesting facts about history. You don’t even realise you’re learning, which is perfect for kids!

Once you’re done with all the ‘show-and-tell’ side of things, wander around to the back of the town and you’ll find the lovely Chinese area, with a Chinese Temple, strikingly gold and red, among the buildings.

P1120170 copy

P1120169 copy

P1120168 copy

And best of all, after all the sights have been seen, go right to the heart of the place, where it’s dirt and sand, wood and make shift calico tents.

P1120145 copy

P1120144 copy

P1120151 copy

Find yourself a comfy spot by the running stream…

P1120153 copy

Get down in a good squat and pan yourself some GOLD!

P1120171 copy

Tiny little specs they might be, but gold all the same.

P1120152 copy

Sovereign Hill is a wonderful place that holds so many memories for me from my childhood. Simply put, I love it! While it is special to me because it is nostalgic, I’m still drawn to the place for other reasons too. Each time you go back, you enjoy it just as much as the last time, children and adults alike.

P1120143 copy

It’s old, it’s charming, it educates and it let’s your imagination have a wonderful time!

P1120073 copy

P1120076 copy

It’s a very popular place, normally swarming with tourists, but fortunately for my family and me, it was a rainy cold-ish day when we went and out of school holiday period, so we really had the place to ourselves. I much preferred it that way, so you might too.

Also, because there is so much to see, it might be a nice option to spend two days exploring everything. All tickets are valid for that length of time and there is accommodation options available on the website here. Also, I highly recommend, if you are going to be in town into the night, attend the sound and light show ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’. It’s really spectacular and worth staying late and paying the extra money for!

Enough from me! You’ll just have to go and experience all this gold rush fever for yourself!






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