Afternoon at St Kilda

When in Melbourne, you really must get your way to St Kilda for two good reasons…

20170204_152012 copy

… For the beach and a rather famous tourist attraction.

The clever reason why we chose to stay in South Bank, as opposed anywhere on the north side of the city, was to have easy access to the beach, without having to deal with any extra travel time than was necessary.

And I think it proved to be a good choice by Mama Feltoe once again.

P1120026 copy

St Kilda is a pretty good spot, and the rest of Melbourne thinks the same thing.

Probably the most famous landmark there is the wonderfully oversized mouth of Lunar Park. A fantastic spectacle for the eyes!

20170204_151616 copy

P1120024 copy

If you don’t know what Lunar Park is, let me fill you in. It is one of five  historical amusement parks dating back to 1912 that were once scattered across the country. While three of the five have closed down, this one is still running and rather buzzing with activity.

I just loved the old roller coaster, the ‘Great Scenic Railway’, skirting the whole park. It really transported me back to another time.

20170204_151718 copy

20170204_151826 copy

Opposite you’ll see the very art deco Palais Theatre.

P1120022 copy

P1120021 copy

My mum recalls her student’s music concert being held here, when she was younger back in the 80’s. A bit of nostalgia for her too, no doubt.

After you’ve explored Lunar Park (and scooped yourself on a ride, or two) follow your nose down to the beach.

P1120027 copy

P1120028 copy

Hit the sand, soak in the sun and dive in for a swim!

P1120030 copy

It’s a wonderfully popular place and really a melting pot of cultures, tourists and locals alike. It struck home just how incredibly diverse Melbourne is and explains why Melbourne is so special.

P1120029 copy

Can you  see that tiny navigation marker in the distance, just to the right.^ Papa Feltoe and I swam out to it, and while I certainly don’t regret the decision, let’s just say it’s much farther than it looks!!

Now, there was another little attraction along the beach, besides the sun, the wonderful water and the sand…

P1310890 copy

Meet the Texas Sand Slinger, a sand sculptor all the way from the USA, and entertaining the people of Melbourne. We saw him in action, but you can see the final result and many other of his talented works on his Facebook page here, or via his Instagram account here. His creations are really very impressive, so do check it out!

P1310891 copy

Afterwards we headed back to the apartment, driving the pretty streets of Melbourne…

P1120031 copy

P1120032 copy

Before we got ourselves nicely glammed up to enjoy a wonderful night of dinner and entertainment at one of Melbourne’s unique theatre restaurants!

P1310901 copy

P1310904 copy

We were heading to the Titanic Theatre Restaurant.

The food was  pretty average, but the entertainment and general experience was highly amusing and thoroughly worth while. A definite recommendation from the Feltoe Clan!

Make sure to pay that little bit extra and book ‘1st Class’. You might just get lucky like me and be chosen for the Captain’s Waltz…

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.22.57 am


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