Melbourne Antics – First Night

I have an absolutely crazy family, but sadly we are spread across this big continent these days, so we don’t get to see each other so much. It gives us a wonderful excuse though, we have to travel to catch up! But why stop there? Why not catch a plane from Perth and force your brother from Brisbane to meet up in the middle (…well not quite the middle, but that’s beside the point). This is exactly what Mama and Papa Feltoe and I did!

We caught a plane in the morning…


And were in the wonderful city of Melbourne by mid-afternoon!

What’s more, the family was re-united! … well 4/6 of us, anyway.


(^ I warned you we are crazy!)

We checked into our apartment, which was rather nice and a great location, right in South Bank and walking distance from Flinder’s Street Station. Find it on Airbnb here.


From the outside, it’s not so much to look at, but inside the apartment is modern, stylish and rather comfortable, though it lacked practicality and some amenities, if you’re after a long stay like we did.



It certainly didn’t fail for location, or view, though. I had a great sight of the city from my window!


After we rested for a bit, we headed out, grabbed some dinner and then went for a scenic walk around Melbourne’s CBD.



The Eureka Tower along the way certainly didn’t disappoint.

We ended up at what I think was the perfect place at the perfect time…South Bank at dusk.




The city along the Yarra River was being bathed in golden light and the buzz of the people on a Friday night was contagious…

…Maybe a little too contagious…



Please meet Mason, my incredibly annoying brother, but I love him very much nonetheless.


And our sense of humour together is rather unique to say the least.

Next, we walked further into the city.


Popped our heads into such places likes the Royal Arcade.


(Which I’ll elaborate on further another day.)


And then headed back across the Yarra River in the dark .


Looking down on the popular Southgate and taking in the glittering lights, wonderful view and lively ambience of this special city.

We ended up at Hamer Hall, where I found this wonderful mosaic, which I’ve truly fallen in love with! Isn’t it adorable?!


(I’ve realised since I love gold and red together very much!)

Onwards and upwards we came to the Entertainment Centre aka ‘The Ballerina Skirt’.



Stepping inside, there was even more gold and red to behold!

Tucked around the corner there were fabulous velvet red chairs and a piano, for anyone to come and play. It is part of the Play Me, I’m Your’s artwork by Luke Jerram back in 2014, and there’s still two pianos left in Melbourne. We must have found one of them and Mason roled up his sleeves and put his Pachelbel’s Canon in D skills to work.


While I drooled over the decor.



Before he decided to photobomb…AGAIN!


It was soon time to call it a night, but not before popping by the National Gallery of Victoria, to admire the wonderful wall of water.


And only after that we decided to call it a night!

All I can say is that it was a perfect first night in Melbourne, before even more fun was to be had…


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