Varsity Bar

I scored from a wonderful friend of mine a rather unflattering cheesy t-shirt from NYC and I was pretty determined to show it off!


(And I may also have gotten a little over-excited about the *bling*.)



And always a bold lip!


When you’re as short as me, any size heels are allowed!


I was heading out to a surprise birthday party to an American inspired bar, so with my t-shirt, I was practically going in costume.

Welcome to Varsity Bar!


Positioned right near the University of Western Australia, it’s a perfect place to hit up after the study week (or mid-week, if you need to loosen up from exam prep!).



It’s your classic, low lit bar, with  TV’s galore, so you can keep an eye on the game, or every game, in fact, as the night wears on.


I like the American brands, unashamedly smattered around the place and the fluoro lights galore!


What is best of all is the American inspired menu…


Large servings, all reasonably priced, with burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, deliciously seasoned fries and overindulgent milkshakes.



I will comment that the healthy bean salad was rather tasteless, so maybe avoid that if you’re after super tasty. Besides, I think you may want greasy goodness on a night out!

Apart from the sports running on every screen and the XBox in the corner to keep you entertained, there’s also not one, but two pool tables to fight over. And it’s rather vital to see who emerges pool champion by the end of it.




I had a couple of successful games, before I thought it best to retire on a high.


All in all I had a fantastic night, with great friends.

There are two Varsity Bars in Perth, one in Nedlands and the other is recently opened up in Waterford. Both are pretty good, though I do personally prefer the Waterford one. Either way, they are a fantastic place to meet up with friends and spend a really casual time together. I thoroughly recommend!


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