Lunch at Kazoomies

Sunday I was ‘back on the job’… singing. What’s new? (Tough life, I know). This time I was down in Fremantle at St Patrick’s Basilica, which is always a pleasure.

Normally I sing for evening Masses there, but this time it was at 11am, giving me a perfect opportunity to lunch in the heart of ‘foodie wonderland’ after (and spend some much needed time with my parents).

Fremantle has such an array of quality cafes and restaurants to choose from it gets so confusing trying to choose.

We thought we had our minds made up, our hearts set on a popular place in North Fremantle. (And I honestly  thought I’d be writing right now about it, but who doesn’t like a good plot twist?!)

P1110794 copy

Anyway, before we planned to set off to lunch, my dear Mamma Bear wanted to pop by the E Shed Markets. She loves markets and we haven’t been in years, so she just wanted to see if it had changed much.

The markets are situated right near Fremantle Harbour and the building was constructed as part of the wharf back in 1929. Now it caters for the tourists.

P1110796 copy

P1110816 copy.jpg

P1110819 copy.jpg

While the market itself isn’t amazing, the choice of food around the place is good.

And if we didn’t go we would never have  found a little gem of a place…

Simply meandering through a store, I suddenly heard music coming from outside on the terrace. A wonderful sound of gypsy jazz music, infused with a wonderful sense of French nostalgia was playing – that’s the only way I can explain it.

I immediately made a b-line to find where it was coming from.

Low and behold I found a dynamic duo, playing with bright smiles. They were having such fun, it was contagious!

P1110798 copy.jpg

Meet Four on Six, or now as I know them, Gill and Charly. Two highly accomplished musicians, with wonderful vibrant personalities, who were more than happy to talk.  Once successfully working in Europe, they are now winding down in Perth and, it seems, thoroughly enjoying  themselves while doing so.

P1110800 copy

We sat there at a table, just listening as they went through their repertoire.

P1110802 copy


Gill soon explained though, that the table we were sitting at belonged to the restaurant right next to us and proceeded to say they sold wonderful food.

So without further ado, meet Kazoomies! It’s an almost ‘blink and you miss it’ kind of place, but they are always the best places, aren’t they?

P1110828 copy.jpg

P1110830 copy.jpg

P1110826 copy.jpg

P1110827 copy.jpg

P1110832 copy.jpg

P1110815 copy





You can only eat outside, so you are forced to sit out on the terrace, enjoying the sunshine and the ocean breeze (again, tough life, hey?)



P1110843 copy.jpg

(I love me a good water station ^. Singers really can’t get enough H2O.)

Inspired by Spanish and North African cuisine, Kazoomies is owned by another vibrant hard-working personality, Nimrod, who works on the floor with his staff.

Flipping open the menu, it looked enticing!

P1110808 copy

P1110807 copy

And it was thoroughly confusing to choose between all the options!

Several of the meals were sadly sold out, as it was later on in the day. That was a sure  compliment to them, I thought, and makes me want to come back again and again (earlier, of course) to try more!

P1110814 copy

P1110810 copy

Finally we sorted out what we wanted though and boy did the food not disappoint!

P1110836 copy.jpg


Pappa Feltoe got the pumpkin pastilla (recommended by Gill).

P1110839 copy.jpg

Mamma Feltoe had the quesadilla along with a stack of the incredible cajun waffle fries.

P1110838 copy.jpg

(We were warned they are addictive and it’s true!)

I wanted the famous parmi, but sadly they had run out, so instead I got a delightful chorizo shakshuka, with gluten free bread on the side. I like to make a good shakshuka myself, so I was a little hesitant that it wouldn’t meet my expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be super rich and flavourful. Really very very delicious!


P1110835 copy

P1110840 copy.jpg

The meals are generous, so go hungry!

We chatted away with Gill and Charly, while enjoying the atmosphere and not failing to take in the view of the old sheds and the wharf.

P1110820 copy

And some sneaky masts in the distance.


Four on Six play every Saturday night and they say the place is really alive and buzzing at that time. They also play on Sunday mornings. What’s even better is that they are more than happy for me to go down and croon a tune with them, so you’ll definitely catch me there again!

But soon it was time to head home, having had my fair share of waffle fries.

P1110849 copy.jpg

P1110853 copy.jpg

P1110854 copy.jpg

And finishing off our lazy Sunday afternoon.

We never got to North Fremantle, but it really didn’t matter and I honestly think our afternoon turned out far better than we planned. I always find the unexpected things in life turn out to be the best!



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