Flights, Sights and Rottnest Island

I think it best you sit back with a cup of tea, or coffee for this one…it’s long!

A great thing about being a singer is that I work with organists. The even better thing is that one of my organist friends is a pilot. And what’s the greatest thing of all is that he asked me to come along for a joy flight to Rottnest Island to bring in 2017 on a high!

I was pretty enthusiastic about the idea and dragged my wonderful friend and singer Belinda along for the ride, whether she liked it, or not!

Rottnest Island, off the ‘shipwreck coast’ of Perth was found by Dutch sailors as far back as 1610. It wasn’t given it’s name (‘Rotte Nest’) until 1696 though, by Captain Willem de Vlamingh.  The name means ‘rat nest’ in old Dutch, because the unique little marsupials, known as ‘quokkas’, on the island were confused as giant RATS! I don’t know how it’s possible, quokkas are far more adorable!

But enough of the history lesson!

Down to business.

P1110652 copy

Belinda and I met at Jandakot airport, probably a little earlier than anyone would like to be on new years day. (11am *cough cough*)


Before we were met by Andrew, our flight captain for the day, who lead us onto the tarmac.

P1110653 copy

P1110655 copy

P1110657 copy

Captain Andrew naturally all suited up in his uniform and ready to go.

P1110660 copy

Before he showed us our ride for the day – a twin engine little beast.

P1110662 copy

P1110663 copy

P1110665 copy

And we threw our stuff in the boot…I mean, back door…and took our seats!


Generally being way too excited…

20170101_114712 copy

20170101_114727 copy

Next minute, after all the safety checks, we were taxiing …

P1110672 copy

P1110677 copy

And then taking off!

(Excuse the dirty window!…Couldn’t quite pop my hand out and clean it down.)

P1110674 copy

We could not have picked a better day for it! Sunny and perfectly clear. The visibility was superb!

P1110678 copy


P1110683 copy

While the trip to Rottnest is actually very short and straight forward, Andrew treated us to a scenic flight, getting clearance to circuit Perth CBD before we flew over the Indian Ocean.

20170101_120540 copy

Giving us a fantastic view of the Swan River as he was getting there.

20170101_120722 copy

P1110684 copy

P1110695 copy

(Good ol’ UWA with all those fine terracotta roofs ^)

Before long the city was in our midst. And it was spectacular!

P1110701 copy 2


The casino swimming pool looking like an oasis on my right.

P1110705 copy


Andrew then set our course for Rottnest.

P1110708 copy

The ocean growing closer…

P1110709 copy




Miles and miles of sandy beaches to the left and right of us!


Soon our sights were set on the island though! It’s turquoise coral-ly water looking so enticing.

I love the place for it’s beautiful water. It reminds me of the gorgeous water of Malta right in the middle of the Mediterranean, yet it’s half a world away!



P1110716 copy

P1110716 copy

Rottnest has two lovely lighthouses on it. (If you don’t know already, I like a good lighthouse.) The larger one is in the centre of the island, and another is sitting near a beach, which I’ll show you later, don’t worry. (That’s if you’re as enthusiastic about lighthouse aesthetics as I am.)

P1110723 2

P1110733 copy

We circled the island, before it was (sadly) time to land.

20170101_122357 copy

P1110720 copy 2P1110719 220170101_122847 copy


We got out and headed for the village, after a GoPro selfie of course!

GOPR0846.jpgAnd passing some pretty impressive trees.

20170101_180706 copy20170101_125354 copy

P1110736 copy

P1110738 copy




Belinda and I were straight up ready for our breakfast (at lunch), so we headed for the very popular Rottnest Bakery.

P1110743 copy

And ordered a few too many carbs for what we required, but ate it all anyway!

P1110744 copy

After, we headed off to meet the others at the beach.

P1110746 copyP1110747 copy

And this is where you meet the other lighthouse!

P1110745 copy 2

What a cutie!

P1110748 copy

And what a beach!

20170101_143415 copy

P1110749 copy


20170101_143440 copy

We got ready to take the plunge!

I’m about honesty here…. The water was FREEZING! But once you got in, it felt great!

20170101_143350 copy 2

GOPRO 2017-01-01 at 9.07.09 pm



Thoroughly refreshed, we headed for the village again, as the others were ready for lunch.

We hit the pub for some fish and chips, but sadly they were nothing to rave about and a little overpriced. But next, everyone was keen for ice-cream! And Simmo’s ice creamery is pretty reputable, though also overpriced. But it was good. I got the salted caramel pecan crunch and it was very rich, so watch out, if you aren’t up for lickings of caramel.

P1110754 copy

Melting in the sun, it had to be devoured fast!


P1110756 copy

With the loads of sugar, caramel and dairy, I felt thoroughly satisfied.

P1110761 copy

P1110762 copy

Next minute though, we find visitors right beneath our feet!

P1110760 copy

Quokkas! Scavenging for food.

P1110759 copy

For the sake of a good story, let’s call him Corey the Quokka. ^ He was certainly a bold little fellow, possibly lacked some manners, but nevertheless stole my heart!

With our new-found friends leaving us, we decided to leave as well. Taking one last stroll to the beach to enjoy the view.

P1110752 copyP1110763 copy

P1110764 copyP1110773 copy



Before bumping into another little friend!

P1110772 copy

(Courtney the Quokka ^).

They are just so tame and friendly.

P1110766 copy

Moving on, we sat ourselves down on the sand.

P1110775 copy

Took in the view one last time, before heading airport bound.

P1110774 copy

This time I shotgunned the cockpit!


P1110778 copy



Up we flew through the evening sunlight. Everything looking that little bit different with the changing sky.

20170101_182431 copy 220170101_182453 copy

And truly beautiful!


P1110781 copyP1110779 copy

Before we hit the WA coast and our absolutely fabulous trip came to an end.

P1110782 220170101_183144 copy20170101_184334 copy

I love what I call ‘mini-holidays’ – doing something different, going somewhere new – based somewhere right near where I live. It makes you appreciate where you call home more, gets you out of the humdrum of life, lifts the spirits and peaks the imagination. I’m pretty good at them, but this, my friends, topped them all!


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