Christmas and summer holidays are about surviving on left-over ham and liquid calories, and, being in Australia, we try to incorporate the occasional swim in the hopes of burning it all of…Let’s be honest.


It just so happens I am supporting this custom whole heartedly and  I have the perfect summer-lovin’ drink for you this season…


It is Brazil’s wonderful national cocktail, but sadly we don’t hear of it so much Down Under. I think it’s odd, because it suits our sunshine-y continent perfectly – zingy, sweet, icy cold and strong, with no holding back on the alcohol content!

What you are going to need:


Brown Sugar


Pitu Cachaça– or any pure sugar cane rum. (Pitu, as opposed to other rums, keeps the drink tasting light.)

And  pestle (from a mortar and pestle duo, ya know).

First, start with your limes.


Cut each lime into 6 wedges.


And ratio out four per glass, like I said. Or add more if prefered.


Next, squeeze each wedges into the glass.


They don’t look so pretty no more, do they? But let’s be honest, we are down to business here…we want flavour, not looks!

Now, to each glass add a decent tablespoon of brown sugar.


Grab you pestle and get to work!


Ok, not too viciously, or you won’t have any glasses left! The aim is to gently crush the lime skins and allow the sugar to dissolve a bit.

So by the end they look like they’ve had a bit of a rough time of it, when your party is just starting!


After that, pile up the ice on top. Be super generous, so it’s popping out.



Then it’s time to add the fun! (I mean …’the rum’…)


Pour the Pitu to the top of the glass. (We don’t do things in half measures here.)

And pop some necessary straws in.



Hand them out, but make sure to tell everyone to mix the drink thoroughly before swigging it.

You want it looking brown all the way through, before you sit back and enjoy.



Warning: Don’t drive too soon after it…you’ve got a few standard drinks worth in there…

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