B E A C H ~ D A Y

P1110618 copyBoxing Day was a morning of perfectly clear, bright sunny skies…

P1110609 copy

Not a single cloud to be seen and almost too bright and too sunny!

P1110608 copy

Being tired from the day before, what is best way to liven you up from your post-Christmas day coma?

A trip to the beach! All that sun, surf and sand does one wonders.

P1110611 copy

And that’s exactly¬† what we did! (‘We’ meaning Mamma Bear, Pappa Bear and myself, of course.)

P1110610 copy

Family time and sunshine all wrapped up in one!

P1110613 copy


We headed to Mullalloo Beach, with its wide bright sandy beach and calm water. The waves don’t tend to ‘dump’ you like other beaches further south, which is right up our alley.

Mullalloo has some great outdoor facilities as well, especially for families. There’s evergreen wide grassy areas, public BBQ’s, tables and shelters. A great place to play some cricket, or have a big family gathering.


P1110617 copy

P1110616 copy

But we skipped that and headed straight for the sand…

P1110620 copy

…And the rest of Perth seemed to have the same idea…

P1110619 copy 2

P1110621 copy

Come down on the weekdays and you have the place almost to yourself!

P1110626 copy

We wandered across the sand to find ourselves a good spot.

P1110627 copy

P1110625 copy


With all the things set down and the umbrella set up, Pappa Bear headed straight for the water, while Mamma Bear and I took a walk on the sand. I’m not a crowd person, so the further up we walked the fewer the people there were, which was perfect for me.


P1110640 copy


P1110635 copyLetting the waves splash our feet as we went.

P1110633 copy


And always taking in the beautiful blue view.

P1110649 copy

P1110648 copy

P1110634 copy

I just LOVE the colour of Western Australian beaches. It’s as clear and blue as any island destination, yet it’s right at my doorstep!



P1110628 copy

It’s amazing to think the Indian Ocean from here just goes so far, uninterrupted by any continent.

You can ‘sea’ for miles!

P1110639 copy

I always love to stare off into the distance and in my head say, “Next stop… AFRRRRICA!” ( Naturally, you have to roll the ‘rrrr’s’.)


But soon it was time to head home. We had very important things to do…

P1110637 copy

Go home, get changed and then scour the shops for some Boxing Day sales!

P1110644 copy

P1110643 copy













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