Christmas in the Quad

(Warning: Photo heavy)

Carols by candlelight are a granted for most people, but for the last few years my family and I have been doing something a little different…

Starting three years ago now, it has been growing in popularity each year, to the point we can’t find a seat! Let’s be honest, when it comes to seating space, I’m a bit of a Scrooge at heart and so selfish me wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to write this post, because it will be my own fault that I won’t get even a tiny piece of grass to sit on next year!

But all things are better if they are shared and I suppose I have to be charitable in the spirit of Christmas…*grumble, grumble*.

So to the point, my substitute for carols by candlelight was the wonderful Christmas in the Quad, held at the beautiful St George’s College.

P1110545 copy


P1110547 copy

Opposite the University of Western Australia and overlooking the Swan River.

P1110544 copy.jpg

We arrived an hour early in hopes of finding the perfect location to stake as ours, only to be utterly surprised that the place was full!

P1110532 copy


We ended up on a tiny patch of grass on the first floor that we called our own. Luckily we had a good enough view of the stage off in the distance though.


With fold out chairs set up and food out, I left the family for a bit of a walk around the first floor of the Quad.




P1110529 copy

P1110527 copy

And into the very beautiful St George’s Chapel.

P1110534 copy

P1110528 copy

I used to sing here as a member of the Winthrop Singers, every Thursday for the college’s weekly evensong and I loved it!

P1110535 copy


We would sit opposite each other in rows closest to the altar. The acoustics are rather lovely too!

P1110536 copy

P1110537 copy


I could turn my head and look up to the organ loft and the beautiful stain glass window.

P1110539 copy.jpg

P1110541 copy.jpg

P1110542 copy

And I always LOVE a good black and white marble floor.

P1110540 copy

Out I went though, as the evening started growing darker and the sun was dipping below the heights of the Quad.

P1310553 copy

P1310563 copy.jpg

With the light fading, the pretty fairy lights hung from balcony to balcony, right across everyone’s heads, began to sparkle more and more.

I buddied with lovely Delia and we waited for the show to start.

P1310549 copy


The reason why this event is becoming quite the thing to do is not just because of the wonderful atmosphere and setting, but also because of the line up of A-list classical musicians ready to perform. This includes Sara Macliver, Paul Wright, Mark Coughlan, and with a good orchestra – made up of some of Perth’s quality young musicians (my friends included hehe) – and all conducted by Raymond Yong. It really is a treat!

P1310554 copy

P1310558 copy

The music played, while the evening grew beautifully darker.

P1110552 copy

P1310570 copy.jpg



In the interval Delia and I wanted to stretch our legs, so we thought we’d mosey around and also take a trip to the top balcony, to see everything sparkling below!

P1110557 copy

P1110558 copy



P1110562 copy


P1110564 copy

We then dragged ourselves from the pretty sight back to our seats, for the second half of the concert.

P1310579 copy


Before everyone was is encouraged to join in song for the carols at the end! I certainly didn’t hold back!

P1310594 copy

Finally the evening drew to a close. Everyone packed up their goods and trekked, baggage laden, to their cars, chatting and, I’m sure, with carols stuck in their heads!


And so Christmas in the Quad was enjoyed by all once more at St George’s…

P1310576 copy

(But please don’t go next year…I want a seat!)


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