Little Bird Cafe- Northbridge

P1110571 copy

On Wednesday, ‘hot’ was an understatement! Being over 40 degrees walking through the city, the day felt like you were stuck in a furnace on all sides, from the sun, the road and the footpath!

P1110606 copy

But that didn’t stop us! My most wonderful friend Delia and I had arranged to catch up and she had a particular place in mind, the very healthy Little Bird Cafe.

We trudged through Northbridge, sweating, but chatting and staying positive (because you can’t NOT be positive around Delia!), until we came to the cafe. It’s nothing to look at from the outside. To be honest, you would hardly know it’s there!

P1110577 copy.jpg

But inside, it’s very sweet and most importantly….

It has air-conditioning!


We sat ourselves down on the old leather lounges and got comfy.

P1110589 copy.jpg

P1110580 copy.jpg


P1110596 copy.jpg

And the interior designer in me started eyeing off all the decorative details of the place.

The rug beneath my feet.


The adorable mural on the wall opposite.

P1110586 copy.jpg

And all the other rustic bits and pieces.

P1110573 copy

P1110574 copy



But most importantly… we started eyeing off the menu.

P1110593 copy.jpg

Little Bird is very ‘healthy food’ orientated, which suits Delia and I down to the ground. It’s very vegan, vegetarian and gluten free friendly (though watch out for cross-contamination, if you’re that sensitive) and they have a fantastic menu for juices, smoothies and healthy frappes.

P1110590 copy.jpg

Also, don’t forget to check the counter and glass cabinet for bagels and wraps etc., because they’re not on the menu.


Delia was hungry and ordered accordingly. Me on the other hand…I was just dying for an icy cold drink!

I got myself the Caffeine Dream on the Coco’s Frappe’s list and oh my, it was good!

P1110583 copy

Delia had popped by and got the Cocao Kapow frappe before we met up and she said it was a winner too!

But then the real goods came out.

P1110576 copy

Blueberry glazed sour cream doughnuts. Almost too pretty to eat, but that didn’t stop her.

P1110579 copy

And next stop nice and simple eggs on toast.



I was rather disappointed with myself that the heat completely destroyed my appetite (…and maybe the mid-morning sushi munch might not have helped either), but next time I am going to attack the menu with a hungry belly.

Thoroughly caught up with each other’s life news and with contented bellies, we made our way out…across the pretty floor….

P1110602 copy.jpg

Back through the main streets of Northbridge….

P1110605 copy.jpg

To the city centre to do some SHOPPING!


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