Christmas Along St George’s Terrace


This coming week would probably be the most popular time, for parents and kids (not excluding big kids) alike to hunt to the far ends of the earth to find the very best decorated houses Perth has to offer… and rightly so. But I’ve been struck with something a little more central that tickles my Christmas excitement … St George’s Terrace at night. Being the corporate street of the city, it’s pretty sleepy come 7 or 8pm, but it definitely looks its best, all alight and sparkling.

If you have checked my Instagram posts lately, you may have picked up the vibe I am slightly obsessed with overly impressive Christmas trees – possibly like the rest of the population.

And believe you me, St George’s Terrace really does tree-t you in this department. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) I’ve been driving down the terrace at night these last couple of weeks, as I had carol rehearsals in the city and I was constantly  eye-ing the beauties off on full display in all the windows and foyers of the high rise buildings. It looked so intriguing, so I thought it only best to admire the street on foot (plus I needed to work off dinner somehow!)

I and my lovely parents made this a Friday night date. We started off by joining the crowds in Murray Street and Forest Chase for the Twilight Hawkers Market . It’s a great atmosphere, with delicious smells and buskers a plenty.  It runs from October until April, so you have no excuse to  not find one Friday night, where you can eat your weight in food, with options from every continent.


Thoroughly full of Moroccan deliciousness and with our fill of the buskers’ entertainment, we took to the direction of St George’s Terrace.

First to Hay St and through Trinity Arcade.


Onto St George’s.



And we started exploring, window by window.


Not just the Christmas trees, but even the little details of the buildings that are so much more prominent when lit up at night.









We trekked right down to the very end of the street to the iconic and ever stylish QV1 building.



But one of the best treats of all was at Brookfield Place… (past the tempting below ground burgers at Grill’d – always looking festive with all the lights down there…)


I caught sight of inside the BHP Billiton Building, where my dear ol’ daddy works.


All closed up for the night, we could still get inside to the foyer, because it’s not what you know…it’s who ya know, you know?



Blue and silvery white is one of my favourite Christmas colour combinations, plus it looked so SPAKRLY, so I was won over by all accounts.



But what is even better, is that there’s not just one tree…there’s a second even BIGGER tree outside at the back of the building.



(Sorry, for all the tremendously fuzzy photos!!!! )


All sparkled out, we decided to make our way back to the car.


Passing twinkling King Street.


And the old Town Hall…all wreath-ed up. Wrea-ly very pretty…

So go ahead! Go and check out the pretty lights, before they’re all packed up for the season!


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