Roadtrip – Great Northern Highway

(I’d like to think this is New Norcia – Part 2)

20161105_163111-0-copyNew Norcia is precisely 120km from my house in Perth and takes around an hour and a half of roadtripping to get there. Some people might complain about this, but I think the drive is pretty fantastic. Long roads and decent speed limits makes for an adventure, I think. It takes me back to my childhood, when we would drive across the eastern states hours at a time. I especially love  going through rolling countryside, because I’m a bit of a country gal at heart.

But to the point, to get to New Norcia (and home again), one needs to travel the Great Northern Highway, which goes right through the town. The highway itself is an amazing 3,204km long, starting from Perth and reaching the most northern port of Western Australia, Wyndham.


Thankfully for me, I only do a tiny portion of that, which is far more manageable.


Packing my stuff up and popping into my little red beast (please meet Evy aka Buzz-Box) I set off from New Norcia homeward bound on Sunday.


What is fantastic about driving this highway are the phenomenal semi-trailers and road trains you negotiate along the way. Often, because they are so large, you have pilot cars ordering you to pull off the road and wait for them to pass. I think it’s pretty exciting to see and I rather do appreciate the look of a well polished truck.


The highway is pretty varied and interesting to travel, if you’re after a weekend drive. It’s very open with nice views for the most part from Perth, with enough twists and turns to make it exciting for the driver.


In spring, not far from New Norcia, there was a fantastic view that I just had to pull over and take a snap of. The daisies were amazing!



And the sky was just as beautiful!

But last Sunday I had my sights on something far more delectable!

I was on a mission.

Half an hour into my drive home, I hit the small town of Bindoon. It’s a little place with a population just over 1000, but oh boy does it have a little treasure!


Bindoon Bakehaus! It’s a fantastic place to stop for a spot of the munchies and it has fantastic reviews, not just by me, but by all the popular foodie review sights online too.


What I personally love about this place is the quality gluten free baked goods there is on offer.


Sadly there aren’t any gluten free savoury pies yet, but the sweets all look enticing.




And a pretty comprehensive menu for a bakery too.


You have the choice to eat in, with options to sit inside, or out, or take away. Sadly I had to take away, as I had more singing events back in Perth I needed to get to.

I chose the chocolate peanut butter slice for the second time, as I  loved it the last time I bought it, and once again it didn’t disappoint. Really moist and super rich! I had no cash on me and they have a minimum charge of $10, when using Eftpos (warning to all!), so I had to grab a coffee to make up the difference. It turns out the coffee was also really good and easy to drink.

So I would highly recommend the place. It has good quality products and the staff are really friendly too.


Back on the highway, on the other side of Bindoon (closer to Perth), watch out for the very adorable church that pops up on the right. That will be Holy Trinity Church Anglican Church and it’s well worth a quick pit stop. It’s rather adorable, with its motley rustic stone and flower arrangements.


Also, there is a little Catholic church on the opposite side of Bindoon, called St Anne’s, which looks just as quaint, but I haven’t managed to check it out yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

So, if you don’t know what to do with your weekend, head to New Norcia, or at least roadtrip for a few hours along the Great Norther Highway, turn off onto the adjoining roads and see where it takes you. It’s the simplest solution for a stay-cation, don’t you think?




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