Bayside Kitchen

P1310370 copyThis was a very spare of the moment trip out last Friday (I was literally getting ready in the car!). My mother dearest invited me to come along to ‘morning tea with the ladies’ and when she mentioned it was at Bayside Kitchen at Matilda Bay, I was pretty keen. It’s one of my favourite jaunts  around Perth and just so happens to be directly across from the University of Western Australia, where I’ll be graduating from next autumn (yes, we UWA students are blessed with such views).

Why I wanted to go was because Bayside Kitchen has been renovated and revamped relatively recently, possibly with new owners? (It used to be called Matilda Bay Tea Rooms.) In any case, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check the place out since its face-lift.


P1310382 copy

PLUS the views are always amazing!

P1310384 copy


P1310385 copy

The vastness of the calm Swan River, the sail boats bopping up and down and the distant sight of Perth CBD never seem to disappoint me.

P1310392 copy

Oh and ironically, the odd swan on the Swan River.

Moving onto the the main point though….


It certainly looks fair more stylish and up-to-date than it’s former self. I really quite liked the interiors – really light and airy – which is perfect for the setting.

P1310380 copy

P1310379 copy

It has a perfectly casual atmosphere and the staff were nice also.


P1310377 copy

P1310378 copy(I loved this water stand!)


But onto the important stuff.


The menus seem nice and relatively standard, but, as I was  only having coffee, I didn’t have a go off it.


The cake options looked quite lovely – round, with great dollops of icing. I’m gluten intolerant though, so I didn’t try one myself. There were two gluten free cakes though, so take heart – I just wasn’t keen on the choices personally myself, though other ladies on the table nicely demolished theirs.

P1310389 copy

Mum had the peanut butter choc chip cookie, which was perfectly chocolatey and peanut buttery, but a little on the dry and crumbly side, so not like your gooey American style at all.


But what I did have though was the coffee!

P1310387 copy


Sadly it wasn’t exceptional. It was strong, which didn’t bother me at all, (as I find most coffee too weak) but it was a little rough and not an easy cup to drink.

But what the place lacked in coffee quality it certainly made up for with the views!


All open and nothing to hinder the views.


Being right near the yacht club, there are more boats than you can poke a stick at!


Afterwards we went for a wonder around, enjoyed the views and the shade, and took some snaps.

P1310398 copy

P1310413 copy

P1310415 copy

My advice: climb a tree, just don’t fall out of it, like I almost did!


P1310418 copy.jpgP1310423 copyP1310424

It’s a perfect spot to catch up for coffee, or bring your own food and rug and make a picnic of it!




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