The Best Kept Secret of David Jones

Just a short post about a love of mine.


Now, from first glance, this looks no more than another Christmas post. To be honest, you are not entirely wrong, but it is also so much more than that! The topic in question is   David Jones, right in the heart of the city. Always perfectly stylish and glamorous, at Christmas time there is no exception, providing wants and needs for the whole family. The front window on Murray Street is captivating in itself (excuse the reflection and the poor quality photos today, I had to use my phone). It’s beautifully decorated with gold and red, crystal, that lovely table and the great wreathe of gold Christmas baubles. (You can catch these wreathes hanging throughout the store in great rows from the Hay Street entrance.)

Onward I went from the mall into the store. To the left, I saw the great corner of all things Christmas, David Jones displays every year.


Christmas trees, beautiful hanging decorations, Christmas crackers, wrapping paper, cards and more. It truly delights the festive senses!

Back on the move I took the right aisle and followed it down, where I came across what I think are the most precious things for Christmas…


Nutcrackers! (And that fantastic retro car!) Buy it here to spoil some lucky kiddo for Christmas.


I also fell in love with all the adorable Christmas china.


Villeroy & Boch and Royal Albert right next door to it.


But all this loveliness wasn’t the reason I went to David Jones. No, not at all. I was simply…


…What’s new?

That’s right folks, I was here to grab some lunch on the go. A bite to eat. A delicious bite at that!


Head further into the maze of products and brands, to see a peep of something a little less visually appealing, but a whole lot more satisfying for my grumbling belly.

Welcome to the David Jones Food Hall! A smorgasbord of high quality delicious food and with a range of choices to suit everyone. Freshly cooked meals, Asian and Western,  juices, coffees and some delightful places to satiate your sweet tooth. Plus there’s gourmet food products at the very back, which are very high quality. (Great for Christmas hampers, may I add.)


I personally headed right to a place I never stop recommending….


The Sushi Bar. Honestly some of the best sushi in town! I can say that because I eat A LOT of the stuff. I know what I’m looking for in a good sushi and this is truly it.


Fresh, super tasty and never dry.

Plus they do BLACK RICE SUSHI and brown rice as well!

I personally bought the  the black rice roll, with fresh salmon and avocado, and the brown rice teriyaki chicken roll. Both I am always super satisfied with, making groaning noises when I eat it and repeatedly say ‘this is so good’.

I didn’t take a photo of them, because they are truly nothing to look at – kind of like big rice-y slugs really. But what they lack in aesthetics, they deliver in taste.

The Sushi Bar also does meals, though I haven’t tried them myself. I doubt they would be bad, judging by their sushi qulity. Give it a try and let me know.


And once your belly is full and you’re done with the oow-ing and ah-ing of everything, go head upstairs to the children’s department and say a cheeky ‘hi’ to Santa!



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