My Christmas Wish List

p1090462I am difficult to buy for, I mean VERY difficult to buy for. When Christmas comes around my poor family moans. They can’t honestly blame me for it, because I swear I get it from my dad. But maybe the point that I want things that cost the earth, or I’m extremely  over particular about every little detail of any item, might be the cause why everyone is off-put at the thought of shopping for me. So I’ve decided the best way to get through this season is by a bit of a ‘show and tell’ (mainly for my family’s sake) . Besides, every blogger needs a gift guide, it just so happens it’s my  first post. We all have to start somewhere, don’t we? And I think Christmas is the best place!

Lucky for them, I have successfully found affordable wants that I actually want and maybe things you might like, for yourself or someone else, through the mighty shopping season.

First and foremost I’m starting with books. I need a sequel and naturally I could buy it for myself, but I haven’t finished the first book yet and I thought I’d savour it as a gift that someone could buy me.

‘Bring Up the Bodies’ (cheerful sounding, I know).


It’s the sequel to the fabulous and very successful book ‘Wolf Hall’ and while you need the same determination as climbing Mount Everest to read it, I’m rather mesmerised by it, the plot, the writing style and the history. Grab it here, with free postage!

And if you haven’t read Wolf Hall, you need to start here.

Next stop in the book department is a 2017 diary.  I never managed to be organised enough to use one, but this year in my line of work, it has been indispensable! Rehearsals, competitions, teaching and services to sing for in one place, or other, I don’t have a standard weekly schedule, so it’s kept me on top of things.

I bash mine around a bit, so I really don’t mind keeping it simple. To me it HAS to have a hard cover, because it’s always like WWIII in my bag!

This would do just fine.


Or this.


Otherwiiiiise, if you want to go a little upmarket and perfectly vintage try the delightful and captivating stationary at Bomo Art, a wonderful small-ish sized company based in Budapest. I found them in the Christmas market there on my travels and one inevitably ended up wrapped as a gift under the Christmas tree.

Design one yourself! Personally I’m after  the ‘weekly- with Hungarian name-days’, red leather bound, with the wonderful ‘Balloons’ print (hint!). You can even have your name (or whatever literature you may wish) on the binding, to make it even more fancy.


(Yes, I’m a smidge in love right now.)

Next stop, a really decent travel mug/thermos to take to all those rehearsals! T2 thankfully has me covered, with this lux fella.


(Just don’t tell him I’ll be drinking coffee most of the time!)

Otherwise, a cheaper option, as more a stocking filler …


Slightly more boring, but possibly more healthy, is a good spiraliser. Heavy duty or  easier to store make your choice.

Or, something more solid and probably my first choice. This guy


I’ve been after a glass water bottle with this sort of straw-like top. Much more quiet  and faster to take a drink mid-singing work, than trying to screw a lid off a bottle really quickly.


Finally, if all else fails, make me wait off until next year and spoil me with a ticket to the opera. The West Australian Opera will be celebrating their 50th anniversary and they are really planning to put on a show (pardon the pun). Tosca, The Merry Widow and Lucia di Lammermoor are all coming up in Perth come 2017 and I’m going to go see all three of them. You won’t fail with a gift like that.


So there you have it! The best I could rattle out of my brain that I want and maybe some things you might like too. If anyone’s interested, I’m happy to do a gift guide post to suit everyone. Just let me know! G xx


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